Our week in photos – January didn’t start too well, things can only get better…

 Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Snapshots of the slightly crazy that is a week in our life. There is usually coffee, sometimes cake, and always a grumpy cat or too somewhere…

I say that last bit more optimistically than I sound, because I’m tired.

We haven’t had the best start to January. Unfortunately LSH has been what I call “proper poorly” and has been on some very strong medicines, being treated for pneumonia. I got a bit of a fright when it hit me, that he’s been so busy, a bit stressed, and has got so run down, and picked up a nasty bug, but thankfully he’s slowly on the mend. I can be quite a stern nurse when I need, and he’s been resting, taking his medicines and hopefully in a few weeks will be feeling more himself. I’m realising how reliant we all are on him, with him basically being in bed and not able to help, and me juggling work as well as trying to keep life going. As I told him, “you’re the glue that keeps this crazy train together” and I’ve had a couple of teary moments this week, wishing we could live somewhere warmer, that we had family closer that could help, and we are seriously looking at how life works, with everything we have going on, to try and stop either of us getting so run down again. 

Anyway, enough pity party. 

Our week… 

Those strong antibiotics. Thankfully they are doing their job. 
War paint to make me look less tired.

Because sometimes chocolate is the only answer…

Grumpy cat can actually be a bit of a softie cuddly cat. With her cuddly toy friend! 

Watching “I believe in Unicorns” which was excellent (Emily will be writing her review of it later next week) 

Obligatory coffee photo. Those biscuits tasted better than they looked. 

That’s the face I make when I’ve not had my coffee, too. 

We’ve watched a lot of tv this week, adults & children alike. I feel no guilt. Poorly LSH has been catching up on his action movies, mostly Bond and the like! 

Emily, the last time she used her booster seat, with fairy wand. 

And that was our week. Hopefully normal will return next week. What have you been up to? 
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  1. Oh dear not a good start to the year, I think we all overdo it at times, but glad he is on the mend. I think in our busy lives we can take each other for granted but times like this shake you up a bit. Tv watching is a god excuse to sit and chill out, something we all need to do at times.
    Look after yourself.

  2. I hope LSH is feeling better now, don’t be fooled by living in a hot country, I’m in Dubai and have a sore throat and a chesty cough and in South Africa I got the flu every year

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