It seems to have all changed since the last time round – pregnancy?

So, it’s not unknown, that we are trying to add a third small human to our numbers (much to the cat’s disgust, they aren’t that fond of small humans, Layla hasn’t quite forgiven me yet, for bringing two babies home)

Don’t get excited. I am not pregnant yet, but I am sure if we are fortunate enough to get pregnant, and it’s a viable, healthy pregnancy, we will be sharing about our journey here on the blog.

It has been a long time since I was pregnant, and had a baby, or at least it feels like a long time. Six years ago I was pregnant with Matthew, and a lot, it seems has changed. I feel a bit older, and that my body needs a bit more help and encouragement, to keep me and a baby safe and well. 

My doctor has me on a stricter regime of ante natal vitamins. I am taking more folic acid this time round, and was told that I need to make sure I take vitamin D and an Iron supplement, whereas last time, I don’t think anyone even asked about either of those. I have also been told not to drink alcohol, even when trying to conceive, which I don’t remember from last time (I didn’t drink any kind of alcohol, once I had a vague idea that I might be pregnant, last time round, but I did have the odd glass of wine or two, when we were trying to get pregnant) 

I have also been told that I will HAVE to have a test at 28 weeks for gestational diabetes, (which I did actually have when I was pregnant with Matthew, because I was very overweight even before I became pregnant with him, and they were concerned he was a big baby, both of which were indicators of possible gestational diabetes, but my results were normal) and that this is standard now. I have worked hard to get my weight and BMI to a more acceptable level, to avoid the possible complications that being overweight can bring to a pregnancy. 

As an older mother,(if we do get pregnant, I will be nearly 40, this is considered “old”, and I guess it feels old, compared to my first birth at 30, ten years ago) I have been told  I will not be allowed to go over my due date, (whereas with Matthew I was told I could go to at least 14 days over, in fact he was 5 days late) and will possibly face an induction. We won’t be opting for a home birth, so I am not phased by the idea of a birth in hospital, but I do have some reservations about being told I will have to be induced, because of my age. I will be doing some more reading and will be asking question about this, when and if the time comes. 

It’s all a bit nerve wracking, exciting, and actually a little scary. All these things are there to make sure the baby and I are safe and healthy, but because it’s been a while, it actually seems like the first time round, and I am quite nervous. 

So, I am popping my folic acid, saying goodbye to the wine and occasional gin and tonic, and hope that we can give the children the little brother (Matthew would like a brother) or sister (for Emily) they and we want so much, soon. Actually, they would like twins, but THAT I am definitely not ready for… πŸ˜‰ 

So, watch this space! 




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