Our week in photos – the hamster escaped! 

Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Snapshots of the slightly crazy that is a week in our life. There is usually coffee, sometimes cake, and always a grumpy cat or too somewhere…

I won’t have a rant about how the week ended on a bad note, after such a promising start, but safe to say, the germs are still with us, and I’ve not been well and I’ve lost my sense of humour about the whole thing. 
However we still do have photos, so here goes…

Taxes. Self assessment.  Needs must. I will say that the people at HMRC who are there to help you or deal with issues are incredibly nice and patient and I think they’re a lovely bunch of people for tolerating my random phone calls asking for help!

We’ve been decluttering. So far, so good. I’m a person who hates clutter and stuff, LSH is not, but we are good at compromise after 15 years of marriage, almost. 

My new golden hedgehog friend. Cute, isn’t he?

Coffee and gluten free treats. 

My new addiction – sweet potato fries. They are amazing, and good for you, though, probably not in the quantities I’d like to eat them! ?

Spring bulbs making my room smell nice.

Layla eyeing up my crumpets. That was the first food I’d managed in two days, I wasn’t sharing.

Impossible maths homework (well, for me, not Emily, she figured it out pretty fast)

And the hamster escaped. Much drama at 630am in the morning, when my small boy discovered she was gone. Thankfully she was tracked down under the sofa and safely returned to her cage and we know now to check her cage tubing, which can come loose and provide her a way to get out. 
So that was our week. How was yours?  

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