Mini Creations is back – show us your Valentine’s Day Crafts…

Mini Creations is back after a bit of a Hiatus.
If you used to link up when it was hosted over at KidGLloves then we would love you to join us here.
Kids does your Mum complain if you bring amazing art work home you made at nursery or school? Does your Dad put on a fake smile at the rocket ship with extra engines cleverly made out of loo roll? Do they roll their eyes at the spectacular playground you made from a cereal box? Have they run out of space on the fridge for your artwork? Then here is the linky for them…We are also happy to see crafting ideas your parents might want to share, reviews of things children and parents might love to help them get more creative or even recipes. Go wild, let loose and share.

The next two weeks we are focussing on Valentine’s Day. There is such a lot of creative crafting potential for all ages out there and I would love to see what you are up to with your little or not so little ones. Of course, other fun craft stuff is very welcome too, and we are also happy to see kids craft reviews/giveaways.

For us, or at least for me, crafting isn’t a terribly strong point. My kids love it, and I have got better at braving the creativity. However, I do love to bake, and the children enjoy it too, so one of our creative attempts for Valentines Day will be some heart shaped cookies, with some simple icing decorations, that the children will make, to take to school to give to their classmates, instead of handing out cards. I am not really into the whole children giving out cards, thing, but I like the idea of a cookie for each classmate, as a nice, friendly gift, so I am happy to help them make 63 cookies (well, we will make 70, just in case we need an extra one or two) and also one for each teacher too.

We made these last year, and will be using the same recipe this year.


So if you’d like to link up, and share your creative efforts, please do. Then ping me a Tweet @madcatsbabies and I’ll share your posts. Grab the badge too! Looking forward to seeing some marvelous creations!
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