Our week in photos – lipstick, toad in the hole & stickinsects…

 Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Snapshots of the slightly crazy that is a week in our life. There is usually coffee, sometimes cake, and always a grumpy cat or too somewhere…

Our week has been much better than the last few. Everyone made it to work and school for the whole week, and apart from a bit of a snotty cold, we are all feeling better! Phew! Goodbye flu! 

 We’ve had gluten free road in the hole (made by LSH, it was perfect!) gluten free marzipan loaf from the German bakery near us, coffee & macarons at my “office” (aka the local cafe) and sons divine handmade marshmallows (they’re amazing, we have a giveaway here  I’ve decided that red lipstick is the best way to distract people from how tired I look. Not much sleep happening here right now. My 40th birthday present being sourced by my Dad, yes, it’s pink, are you surprised? Dinner in bed, with the cat in attendance (she likes curry!) and I “KonMaried” my kitchen, with a fair amount of success. 

 Lots of my beatiful boy and our new residents (I’m running a mini zoo) and a coffee date (well, sort of, she wanted to finish her book!) with my girl. 

That was our week? What have you been up to?

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  1. I love all that food going on this week. I hear good things about the marshmallows, I’ll have to check your giveaway out!

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