Stuff we love – February 

 Welcome to February’s edition of Stuff We Love. Things that we’ve liked, that are useful and make life easier or simply special treats. 

Health, beauty and skin care:

I’m finding multi uses for this Tisserand Coconut oil. It’s in a pump bottle and it’s great for dry ends in hair, for taking stubborn eye make up off, and for patches of dry skin. It comes in a pretty bottle, too. 

Chocolate peppermint lip-balm? I don’t think there’s any further explanation needed really why I like this? The children like it too and keep trying to “borrow” it! 

Liz Earle perfume. A change from my usual Chanel but Matthew says it makes me smell “beeeootiful” so I guess it’s a winner! 

Aveda Sun Care shampoo and body wash – Emily & I are loving this for post swimming clean up. She swims twice a week and I swim once a week, and it helps get rid of that chloriney (I know that’s not a word!) post swimming smell in our hair. It’s pricey but a little goes a long way.  

 What we are eating: 

Tastes like it was home made, banana bread from H Forman & Son. I normally make banana bread but needed some quickly and this did the job. 

Take coconut chips and plain dark chocolate chips, by the handful, and you’ve got bounty bar taste with less calories…

Genius gluten free crumpets. The best I’ve found so far. 

This goats cheese is the most versatile and ungoaty tasting if you need a cream cheese but can’t use a cows milk based one. Works just like cream cheese. Not goaty taste, I promise! 

What we are watching: 

Now that we are not so patiently waiting for Season 3 of Brooklyn 99 to come out, we’ve found we quite like this show. It’s a bit different from the usual crime/thriller stuff. Hyper Intelligent misfits save the world. It’s better than I thought it would be. LSH loves it.

So that’s what’s getting us through February, I  March brings proper spring weather our way. I’m bored of winter now…?

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