Our week in photos – running late…

Welcome to our week in photos. Snippets from the slightly crazy that our life. There’s usually cake, coffee, a little chaos and usually a cat or two. You can also find us on Instagram & Facebook.   


Last week was a little crazy. I’m still not well, a nasty dose of bronchitis plus a heavy cold has knocked me and you can see I’m taking a few things to try song sort that out. 

Emily and I also went away for the weekend with Brownies, which was fun, tiring and busy. Coffee and a toothbrush were all I needed (I’m only joking, I promise!) 

Cake sale goodies and proper breakfasts (I love black pudding!) 

Grumpy cats & cute knitted toys (I couldn’t resist) 

Proud bearers of silver award badges from school…

Painshill Park, my first visit. Not a bad view. 
So that was our week, very briefly,  how was yours?

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  1. Well done to them on their silver badges. N’s still waiting for his silver certificate because he was off sick on award day so he’ll have to wait til next term’s assembly now.

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