Stuff we love – March 

Things we like or love that have helped ease use through a rather stressful month of March. We’re a bit behind, it’s now April, sorry about that. 

A bit of beauty therapy:  

Liz Earle’s hair oil, perfect for long, wavy, thick hair, (ahem, with a slight tendency to behaving wildly) like both mine and Emily’s. 

Hand chemistry hand creams. I love them, and this anti aging one is perfect for easing signs of dryness and aging. 

Clinique Pep-Start. I keep it in the fridge, helps to cool and depuff my eyes. 

Lancôme “juicy shaker”, because I like lip balms and the gimmicky ness of this appealed but it’s actually a very nice, non drying lip gloss. 

A little bit of what we are eating:  

  Those pestos are amazing. They are slightly more pricey than your normal jar pesto, but they have a gluten and dairy free version that is lovely, and a real treat. I used to miss pesto pasta, as a quick meal, but now we have gluten free pasta and pesto I can make it again. 

I am also loving these protein balls from Bounce. Unfortunately, they do have whey protein in them, so they aren’t suitable for those with a dairy intolerance, but for me, they are a good snack to have on hand. I know I could make my own, but I don’t have time right now. 

These dairy free chocolate Easter eggs are perfect for those with an intolerance or allergy to dairy. Matthew and LSH loved theirs.

And when I don’t have time or the ingredients to put toad in the hole batter together, or I need to make Yorkshire puddings in a hurry, this mix is perfect. 

 Stuff we’d like to get, or wish we could… 😉

  Are toe shoe trainers ugly? I have heard they are really comfortable, I am tempted to save up for a pair?

My admiration for bobble hats continues, I loved this one, we spotted in Edinburgh, and will get one next winter. 

Nice ring? One day, when we win the lottery, maybe? 

Matthew LOVED these boots he spotted and was most disappointed that they didn’t have his size and we couldn’t get them, again, maybe next winter…

So, that’s stuff we love for March, what are you loving and liking? Feel free to share in the comments. 

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