I want to use a really rude word to address the stupid, selfish, horrible person or persons who thought that setting fire to the little climbing frame, in our local park,  was a fine idea.

This climbing frame which is much loved, used by many small children, that cost a fair amount of money to be built, now can’t be used, it’d badly damaged, it’s unsafe, and who knows when the money will be found to replace it? 


What right do you think you have to destroy something that doesn’t belong to you? Was it fun to try and destroy it? Why? Did you really have nothing better to do? 

Ok, I’m going to say it, you’re a bunch of arseholes and whilst I hope that you’ve been caught and punished, I doubt you have. Maybe someone should set fire to something that belongs to you and see how you like it?

I despair, sometimes. 


Life with Baby Kicks
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  1. Some people really are so small minded they can’t bear the thought of someone else enjoying something. They want their heads banging together! #effitfriday

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