Rabbits – because I am running a mini zoo…

We have accumulated two rabbits. Two boy rabbits, to be precise, miniature Rex breed. Our next-door neighbor breeds rabbits and had two lovely boys needing a home, and she offered them to us, and before I could really think about it, the children had said yes, and lo and behold, we now have Hoppity and Wiggles in the house, well, in a hutch in the garden, really.

We love animals and I always wanted a home full of children and pets, so really, adding rabbits was not something I was going to say no to. They are very endearing and generally make good pets so it seemed like an easy answer when the kids PLEADED for them.


Hoppity is the white one and Wiggles is the brown/ginger one. I was rather mean and told the children we should call them Stew and Casserole (because I grew up in the countryside at school and we regularly had rabbit stew or pie) but apparently, they don’t share my sense of humor. I am so mean! 

I will admit to not having much of a clue about rabbits, so I have been doing a lot of reading up on their care and what they need to be kept healthy and happy. We have a run for them, as you can see so they can have some fresh air and exercise time and enjoy the garden safely, and learning all sorts of things like how to trim their claws and what they can and can’t eat and teaching the children to clean them out and care for them.

They are lovely though. The white one is very friendly and likes being handled and being fed treats (carrot tops and a little bit of fresh fruit and veg) the ginger one is still a bit skittish and shy but is getting used to us.

So, there you go, just when you thought life was quiet and calm around here (um, when that happens I will be worried) we add more inhabitants to join in the fun.

Any top tips for rabbit care? I would love to hear them! 😉 I have been reading some useful guides on rabbit care but I am always keen to hear from rabbit owners in real life too, for tips and things we need to know.

Oh and Layla and Jasper are totally flummoxed by the rabbits. We are keeping a sharp eye on them, as you can see, Layla thinks they might be fun to catch and play with. We do make sure they are not left alone when the cats are around…


Ahem, Layla, we are watching you…

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