How to look after your rabbits, by Emily.

As you know, we recently acquired some rabbits. Both children are thoroughly enjoying looking after them and playing with them. Emily is a bit of a geek, like her parents, but she is much more creative, than us,  so when she came to me and asked if she could make a PowerPoint presentation about the rabbits, and how to look after them, I happily handed her the laptop, on the condition that I could share it on the blog too. 

She amazes me. With very little help from her parents (just some minor technical bits and some help searching and downloading images) she created a whole slide show on rabbits. 

I particularly like the bit at the end about making sure your bunnies are of the same sex, or you will end up with lots of baby bunnies. (The children were keen on having a male and female rabbit, and babies, let’s just say that Mum wasn’t so keen on the idea) 

That’s a not very good video taken by me, of the slideshow on my laptop, but I think I have been clever and you can view the whole thing below too.

[embeddoc url=”” download=”logged”]

Not bad for a nine year old and now you know how to look after rabbits, too! πŸ˜‰ 


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  1. Brilliant and you can tell Emily from me that her power point is great. So glad you put your foot down about male and female rabbits LOL.
    Enjoy running #AnimalTAles next week for me πŸ™‚

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