Let’s wake mum up EARLY, she loves it!

My response to my children, who have been waking well before 6am, despite it being the school half-term…imageKiddos, mummy loves you very much but she really doesn’t want to discuss Lego, cats, hamsters, weather, birthday party plans, movies you want to watch or what birds are singing before the big hand on the clock is at 12 and the little hand is at 6. Mummy isn’t coping with being woken at 5am or even 430am. You aren’t babies anymore. Go back to bed…

Life with Baby Kicks

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  1. Love this! We’ve trained the big one not to disturb us before 8am. She’s not good at telling the time but knows what 8 o’clock looks like and not to pester us! #effitfriday

  2. Can’t wait till my little one is old enough to know that yelling in his cot at 5am is not cool! haha

    • Ou on ne se battra pas… En tout cas moi je suis trop occupée à dormir / montrer mes photos de vacances / voir des amis / réviser mes cours / être au boulot… en ce mo3m8t&#n2e0;.

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