Yet another miserable summer…

So I didn’t have a rant planned for this week. I did have a few rants in my head, but they aren’t suitable for a family blog so I won’t share them (it’s been a rough week in many ways)  but I have decided that I need a Saturday Strop, because I missed Friday’s Rant.

I AM FED UP WITH THIS STUPID WEATHER THAT IS BRITISH SUMMER and I want to have a whinge about it on my blog. Hey, it’s my blog, I can rant about the weather if I want to… πŸ™‚ 

OK, so I know we live on an island, surrounded by sea, and the weather is not tropical nor is it meant to be, but we are now in MID JUNE and the sun seems to have gone on a permanent vacation and left us with skies like this…

weather whinge

Dull, humid, and blah. We have had more rain and drizzle in the past two weeks than can be good for us, flood warnings galore up and down the country and everyone is miserable and fed up. We have had spectacular thunderstorms which have brought little or no relief. 

In three weeks time we will be breaking for the summer holiday. 6 long weeks of time off for the kids,  and guess what? It will probably rain and continue to be miserable. The kids will go back to school in early September and the sun will come out and going into Autumn will be scorching hot and sunny. 

British weather, you need to sort yourself out. I have a ticket for Wimbledon, I don’t want to watch it under an umbrella, sweating in my rain mac, thanks, and nor do I want to spend the entire summer holidays in the hell that is the local soft play to stop my kids climbing the walls or killing each other at home…

This highly illogical rant was brought to you by me, vitamin D deprived, and fed up of being humid, soggy and wishing the sun would come back.

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