Parents are SO embarrassing…

So, ahem, apparently my daughter has something to say. She asked if she could write a blog post, about her parents. She seems to think we are appallingly embarrassing and wants to know if other children feel the same about their parents? I think I am in trouble… I may just go and remind her exactly who hands out the pocket money each week but for now, I am handing over the blog to her .

Emily blogging

I am in trouble, now, aren’t I?

Hello, Emily here. I have taken over my mum’s laptop because I wanted to write about something. Parents are so embarrassing, aren’t they? 
We all love our parents don’t? But sometimes they can be just a little bit annoying. One good thing is they give you pocket money so I should really say some nice things about them. Another good thing about them is they feed you and buy new things for you and look after you.
I think all children will agree with me that our parents can be sometimes very embarrassing. A regular thing I say when my mum and I are out together is … “not in public, mum!” when she is doing things that make me want to cringe and run away and hide. Whenever we are out and we walk pass a busker playing music she will always start dancing or will make me dance with her which is really rotten (and her dancing skills are not very good). My mum also calls me some very weird names like chicken licken, lollipop, poppet, cuddle bug and princess frilly farty knickers. I even found writing this embarrassing. Whenever my mum and dad are feeling like it they will kiss lip to lip and that so makes me want to be sick and they know I don’t like it so they do it a lot because they like to laugh at me. To all you kids out there I think you may agree that……. parents are so embarrassing! Are yours? Tell me I am not alone, please??

Emily is cross

The look I give my mum, quite a lot these days. I mean, really, she is just SO embarrassing! 


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  1. Well written and well said Emily. I hate to tell you this, but they don’t get any better as they get older. Keep up the good work, everyone, kids , parents, anyone who reads your blog will love it. Ha, Ha, all your mum and dad’s secrets are coming out now.

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