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My mistress is worried about me. She thinks I might be loosing my hearing. She says she has noticed over the past few months that I am not as responsive as I used to be, and that she will often be calling me or talking to me and I don’t seem to respond as fast. She’s a bit worried that I am going a bit deaf… 

I am getting older. I am 10 years old in human years, which makes me roughly 77, which is not a bad age, considering I have had some health issues in my cat life but it’s a bit of a concern if I can’t hear very well. 

Cats use their hearing a lot and have incredible hearing skills that are far superior to humans and many other animals (well, we generally are superior to most creatures anyway you all know that!) 

 Cats have incredible hearing skills. In fact, they can hear sounds that even dogs fail to hear. With 2 satellite dish shaped ears, cats’ range of hearing goes up to ultrasonic which is superbly high. Sound is measured by vibrations. The number of vibrations a sound produces per second is called Frequency with a unit measurement named hertz. Cats can hear 100,000 hertz as oppose to their canine counterpart that is receptive to a range from 35,000 to 40,000 hertz. Compare to cats, humans are totally out of their league with a paltry 20,000 hertz, trailing far behind. From Love Meow
She’s worried because I not only use my hearing to help me do catty things like hunt, and hear when that other cat in the house is coming to annoy me or pinch my food, or when the small humans are on their way to come find me (so I can hide, if I am feeling grumpy) but also to protect myself from things or other creatures that might want to hurt me. If I can’t hear traffic coming, when I am outside, I might not hear a car coming towards me, and I might not hear dogs or other cats that are not always friendly, or humans that might want to hurt me. It could also affect my balance and walking. 
So, she is taking me to the vet soon, to get my ears & hearing checked and then we will go from there. It’s quite common for the breed of cat that I am, to have issues with hearing loss, so she isn’t surprised, but she doesn’t like to think that I am getting a bit older and might not be managing as well as I should. 
Layla can't hear
Of course, I could just be pretending to be deaf, because frankly even the best of human owners can be a bit annoying at times and I like to shut the world out and ignore it, plus those small humans can be very noisy, who would blame me, if I was faking it for a bit of peace and quiet? 😉


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