Our week in photos… pouty selfies and DIY haircuts…

Welcome to our week in photos. Snaphots from our week. Cats, coffee, chaos and cake usually feature. You can keep up with us on Instagram or Facebook too! 

The week where we do DIY haircuts (you can read why here) moving many heavy boxes, consuming a lot of coffee because he might look cute but he’s not been sleeping well,  I have started an autumn declutter and am a tad bemused at how much stuff we actually have. 

It’s also been a week of eating well, I like autumn, because you can tuck into comfort foods, and wear big baggy jumpers to hide the effects! 😉

Rare selfies, she does the tweenage pout well, but most of the time she’s my happy girl… 

So that was our week. How was yours?

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  1. Crikey don’t talk to me about decluttering. I started last year (books and clothes done, although clothes have been increasing again – due to weight gain after getting rid of all my fattest clothes), but didn’t get round to the rest.

  2. I think a good declutter is a good thing to do before Christmas.
    I quite like autumnal food as well, lots of veg thrown in the slow cooker along with what ever meat may be on special offer.

  3. I had a good bit chopped off my hair recently too. Don’t think I’d trust hubby though..although I’ve been cutting his for years!

    • I’m looking forward to seeing the new design Karen.You made me laugh thinking about redesigning ourselves. I can think of several plugins I’d love to be able to download and apply so I functioned be!tnrtJoaena

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