Because I’m small minded and petty, because I can…

Because I hate self service tils & desks in the supermarket. Because that annoying voice, loudly instructing you what to do, and when you fail to do so, announces your failure to the world, and your fellow shoppers. Because that red flashing light indicating that you, an adult, are clearly incompetent and cannot manage the “simple”task of putting your own shopping through the scanner. Because you can’t just scan one item and tell the machine how many you have, instead you have to scan each item, slowly and painfully (it’s painful scanning 15 bags of kids mini rice cakes, one by one! I know this!) Because “item not recognised” or “incorrect items in bagging area” blaring loudly to shame you whilst you are trying to get shopping packed as fast possible with cranky children in tow, is a form of torture.
Because having to have an actual human person come and deal with the machine that is refusing to acknowledge that you HAVE actually scanned the item currently in the bagging area is utterly humiliating and annoying.

Because self service tils in supermarkets are sent to test the patience and sanity of even the calmest and nicest amongst us and they aren’t convenient nor do they save time or energy, in fact they trigger feelings of pure rage and inadequacy (well, in me, anyway!) and bring people out in a cold sweat, yet we have to use them!
Because I can…

Yes, I take ALL my loose change and small coins, which I’ve saved especially for this purpose and I get a small, mean and petty satisfaction in making the silly machines count it all and process it. It makes me feel better. It gives me back control.

I hate you, you annoying machines. You will not steal the remnants of my sanity!
Apologies to the people in the queue behind me today in the supermarket as I slowly and gleefully fed £15 of small change into a machine with an annoying voice…

This was a Friday Rant 

And I feel better now. Have a great weekend! If you like me, hate self service tils, feel free to comment. If you love them, and can manage them with competence, feel free to move on from this post, we are clearly not kindred spirits! ?
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  1. I rather like the self service machines, but then as a small child I always wanted to work in a supermarket, so perhaps it’s fulfilling some childhood fantasy for me. Glad you found a way to make yourself feel good though #effitfriday.

  2. My husband and I hate them too! And I love that you bring change for these machines to count them one by one. Hah! Will tell the husband about this 😉

  3. I really hate the way they shout at you. I always end up having a heated conversation with them and probably look a little crazy to other shoppers. Next time I’m bagging up my change

  4. Hehe, this is a great way to get rid of your change! I never though of this. When you take more than 5p to a till you get the dirtiest looks. Guess where I’m taking my change now!!

  5. haha, I hate self service and that annoying voice. I too take all my small coins to use in one go, so satisfying X #effitfriday

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