Lack of internet and lies. Virgin Media Broke our internet.

That time that Virgin Media broke our internet then lied about why, how and when it would be fixed…

On Tuesday morning this week, our internet service went down.  In reality it wasn’t the end of the world. Inconvenient, yes, for many reasons, though.

My fury, however, is centred on the fact that our internet provider proved not only entirely useless, at getting the problem sorted in any kind of organised fashion, but they also lied to us.

Initially when the service went down, we checked the information page on their site. Yup, there it was, a message saying there was an issue in our area and it would be sorted by “x”time. So, we grin and bear it. The husband, who works from home, battled on bravely, without internet, whilst cranking up the DVD player, as entertainment  for the small child sick at home, and I stater at work, because I had functional wifi there…

The time stated came and went and the internet was still not working so the husband called the company… after a few minutes chat, we are informed by someone who sounded about twelve, that there had been no fault in the area, that it was our system that was broken and we needed an engineer to come look at it. We pointed out that there had been service updates on the website about the outage, but nope, he was determined that we must have imagined that, he inisted he could see nothing on his system to indicate that a local fault had occurred and it was definitely our box. We reluctantly agree to an engineer, and start reshuffling diaries to accommodate being home for them to arrive and see what is wrong with our box.

Then the husband (who is a total computer geek but it comes in handy so I love him for it) realises that he can see what’s actually happening with the box and is muttering things about upload and download speed (it’s gobbledygook to me, frankly!) and calls them back… he explains this to the person on the phone and points out that with what he can see happening, it cannot be our box, it is definitely a fault on their side.

And the games begin…

They acknowledge that it’s their side and admit they’ll need to get it sorted. They make vague promises about times and updates and we sit back and wait. Much waiting ensues…

We get SMS updates over the course of the next two days, alleging that the service is fixed. Each time, it isn’t.  More calls to the company. More promises of “we’re working on it”. Several conversations take place with their techincians and we wonder if any of them actually 1) communicate with each other, and 2) if they actually know that they are doing…

Then yesterday we are told “it’ll be sorted by 3pm”. That time comes and goes. Guess what? It’s not working! So husband rings again. This time, we are assured it is fixed, and were quick to tell us, again, that now it must be our box and an engineer needs to come out, again! This time, we agree. We are fed up now. They tell us that all the other people in our area aren’t having issues now and that our neighbour’s internet is working fine.

So, an engineer is booked. 

Then, I happen to meet our neighbour’s on the way to school. I ask her if her internet is working. She says it isn’t and proceeeds to tell me a similar story to ours.

Wait a minute, I think, they told me it was just our box and that the neighbour’s was working… that’s a lie right??

So, more calls and SMS to the service team and they again admit that they have a problem their end and it’s not us, it’s them (it’s probably the only time you want to hear that!!) and that they are again, working on it. They promise that it will be fixed by a certain time and we nod and agree and start using the expensive data on our phones to look at alternative providers…

This morning, our internet is finally back on, but only after 3 days of incompetence, and miscommunication from the provider and it seems it really was a problem their end and not with us.

It’s not the lack of internet that really bothered us (ok, it did, it was a damn nuisance) but the way the issue was handled. We given incorrect information, fobbed off, and basically lied to. For this we pay a rather princely sum a month…

Safe to say, we will be moving providers (although I’m doubtful that any of them actually are any better than this current crew!) and we will be taking the matter further with both the company and other organisations. We have screen shots of service updates and SMS messages and we will be claiming a refund for data we had to use and also lack of service.

I don’t know why these companies think it’s ok to treat its customers like idiots. Why it’s ok for a customer service team to lie to us and tell us “it’s fixed, it’s working for everyone else but you” when clearly it wasn’t? Why they can’t seem to communicate between departments and services? We certainly pay them enough.

This Friday rant was brought to you by working internet (finally) and

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  1. Argh what a complete nightmare. I hate it when people don’t tell the truth or give you straight answers. At least you have the internet again though. Yay. #EffitFriday

  2. I bet this is BT. This happened to us too and yep, they also kept lying to us. One time they said the technician was on his way, but I’m sure you can guess what happened 🙁 I hope yours gets sorted out soon minus the lies!

  3. There’s nothing that gets my goat then poor customer service.
    It is such a shock to the system when the internet goes down, like how can we possible manage without it! 🙂

  4. Arghhhh internet problems! I swear our internet is forever going down and to be honest I never do anything about it as feel it’s a hopeless battle with any supplier – sob!

    • Right? I just can’t. How dumb do you have to be to not know your child will need PANTS in WINTER?! And SOCKS. This woman is dumber than a box of hair. And people wonder why we were worried about Mazen not eating enough and Kath not actually knowing when he is hu03&yr#82gn;..point proven.

  5. When this sort of thing happens it’s a complete shambles. We have Virginia and the amount of times we have been told it’s working in their end so they can’t send an engineer and when they say the will we are stuck waiting in the house for no one to show up…. it’s ridiculous!

    Jordanne ||

  6. That is absolutely infuriating. Living with internet is completely possible (although I’m a blogger and freelance writer, so it is my livelihood) but being lied to is just plain rude and insulting. Honesty from the off is so appreciated and they’ll get less of a headache in the end if they explain that it’s an issue and they’re trying to deal with it. I can see why you are so angry. x

  7. Yep, the clipper is the only way. I nearly cried getting to Camino the first time, but the clipper home was a joy – an easy way from there directly back to cilnaisvtioi. The rare Iberico black pig shoulder at Camino is divine.

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