Home is where the heart is. Keeping your home safe this Christmas…

Christmas is a lovely and exiting time of the year. We get busy, there are lots of parties and fun, family and friends visiting or being visited, presents arriving and being given, and life can get a bit crazy. This is a collaborative post with some tips on keeping safe at Christmas. 

Most people don’t think about safety or what could be going wrong around Christmas time in their homes. Basic things like making sure your Christmas lights are safe, legal and working correctly. (don’t buy them off the bloke in the van at the end of the road who can’t speak much English, but you think you can change the non UK plug and make them work, because they are much cheaper than buying them from the shops – yes, I know someone who did that and who lost their Christmas tree when it burned down because the lights were not safe!) 

Are your smoke detectors working? Is your CO2 monitor fitted and functional? Those little things you mean to do all year, can be forgotten in the busy time around the festivities and that’s when accidents and incidents happen more easily.

When you have Christmas presents in the house, before Christmas, particularly valuable ones, have you stored them safely? One thing our local police are very good at, is popping round at Christmas time to remind people that if they leave their curtains open, and people can see in and see a Christmas tree with lots of presents loaded up under it, that it’s a pretty blatant invitation to an opportunistic burglar. Make sure any presents are safely away until the day. Keep curtains shut if your tree and presents are on display. Make sure all windows and doors are locked and bolted and if you have an alarm system, then make sure you use it at night or when you go out. If you do buy a particularly valuable item, make sure you have checked that your contents insurance covers it for loss or damage.

Also, if you are going away, for Christmas, you need to make sure your house and all your prized possessions are safe. Get a trusted neighbor to check on the house regularly, whilst you are gone, to make sure post isn’t piling up and to check on things like water pipes if it gets really cold (there is nothing worse than coming home to a burst pipe and a flooded house after a fabulous Christmas holiday away!) and also to make sure the house doesn’t seem empty and vulnerable. Again, make sure your alarm system, if you have one, is working. Don’t leave curtains open so people can see  you are away. 

Making sure you have adequate home and contents Chill insurance is also important. Having something valuable like a fancy gadget that you bought for Christmas, broken, or stolen is a nasty shock, at least you can breathe a sigh a of relief knowing you’ve got things covered.

So much to think about, but easily forgotten, but you can take a few simple steps, to make sure you do have a merry and safe Christmas and winter season this year….


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