Would getting up an hour earlier help?

I happened across a conversation on a parenting Facebook page where they were discussing how someone had written a book that basically solved all the problems of your average woman today, who has a life and children and possibly is also a working mum. My ears pricked up and I got involved in the conversation. 

Turns out she’s a successful author who has written books and apparently has a very successful life and is good at helping people achieve things. 

I’m impressed. Good for her. 

But, I still want to know how to what she is saying that will improve my life so I read on. 

The secret, or one of them, apparently is to get up an hour earlier. 

She is quoted as saying that by getting up before the rest of her family or by us women getting up before the rest of our families, we can have that much needed “me time” that we often miss out on and we can get stuff done that we otherwise don’t have time for. I think she even suggested frivelous things like practicing the piano. 

In principal, the idea sounds good. Even common sense, if you think about it. I know I am stressed most of the time, because I don’t feel I have enough hours in my normal day, so why don’t I add some time to that? Would it help? 

It might. In fact I have decided that getting up and at it earlier than my children would be a good idea simply because the pair of them take a ridiculously long time in the bathroom nowadays and I have to fight them for time to brush my teeth and tame my mop of hair into something less Mick Hucknell bed head like before I leave the house. An earlier start would help me. 

But, frankly, given that some days the sleep round these parts can be unpredictable, to say the least, I might have to set my alarm for 4am to be up an hour before my smallest sleep interruptor appears by my bedside demanding breakfast and help with Lego. That doesn’t really thrill me, or the husband. 

Also, getting up early for me time is a fine idea,  but frankly, the list of things I need to get done in my me time are currently, and in no order of importance:

– get PAP smear done (sadly my GP practice doesn’t do 4am gynaecological examinations so that’s out!)

– buy new shoes for running (I guess I can do that online, at 4am but I prefer to try them on and the postie delivers at more like 4pm these days!)

– call the taxman (nope, they don’t do a 24 hour service, that’s not going to work) 

– fix the toilet (it’s not flushing very well, so I could I suppose get up at 4am and get handy with the plunger or call a 24 hour emergency plumber out but I strongly suspect my husband may object to my either cursing as I splash around in the bowels of our toilet before the sun is up or the cost of an out of hours plumber arriving) 

– call my friend in New Zealand (yes, this one might work, but she knows I am not a morning person so she’d probably think it was an emergency if I rang her at 4am my time!)

– clean out the kids rooms (well, I could do that, but then they’d wake up at 4am, and they won’t thank me for that. Also I prefer to do the cleaning when they aren’t there to object to my throwing out so much of their crap, ahem, sorry, stuff they have lovingly accumulated…)

And frankly, I don’t go to bed til 10pm or so, so if I did start getting up at 4am, bearing in mind that I might have disturbed sleep from my favourite little sleep interrupter, I would need to be in bed at 8pm most nights. That probably won’t work for many reasons and I’d never see the husband for more than a few minutes after we’ve said goodnight to the kids. So that’s a nope there then… 

I guess it might work for some people. I’ve even contemplated trying it.  But let’s face it, if this sleep deprived mum had to choose between an hour longer in bed or getting up to “practice the piano” as the author suggests (because my neighbors would love a wee piano concerto at 4am, I’m sure, that won’t wake anyone up?!) I know what I am going to choose and it doesn’t involve tinkling the ivory before dawn… as much as I would like more me time and to be more productive. I don’t think getting up an hour earlier will really help. What I need is a full time cleaner, a personal assistant and chauffeur, sadly I can’t afford those! ?

What do you think? Do you get up an hour or more earlier? Has it dramatically improved your life or are you like me, cynical and sleep loving…? 

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  1. I have toyed with the idea….I even did it for a while…but then I became quite grumpy and decided perhaps lying in bed was better for the greater good of mankind lol!

  2. This is a really good idea. I have been trying to this all week funnily!! I found the first few days I got up an hour early to get my blogging day more organised. It really did work. I woke up late today and everything seams to have gone wrong 🙁

  3. I can tell you, from personal experience, that getting up at 4 am does not change any level of productivity. You just fall asleep on the couch at 8, and that’s ridiculous. I do like getting up early and getting some boring admin work done while the house is quiet over my morning cuppa(s). What I would do to be able to sleep in until 7:30 again, like the good old days….

      • Hi Sarah, well, I nearly got sea sick surfing along with you and Dippers, but from the excitement in your narration, you are having a &#1s20;2quealy․ great time!!!!Gerard and I will try to make it on your Birthday!!!! ( I really wish we could). I am sure that Marcel will organise a Sega ( Mauritian traditional music and dance) welcome for you!!! Stay safe and hope the weather/wind pushes you in the right diretion!!!!

  4. I actually tried this for a while and ended up doing it all through summer. It was amazing, I got so much done and felt brilliant and was so ready for the day by the time my daughter woke up. Now the winter months have crept in and my daughter has to prize me out of my bed and I struggle to rise. It definitely worked, but not in the bleaker months x

  5. I do not have kids yet so for me I wake up whenever but my insomia does not help on most days. I think if getting up early helps go for it but if its really not practical then stick to what works for you

  6. I keep feeling that it’s not enough hours in a day.. I am trying to get up earlier but I wasn’t successful at this at all. It’s much easier for me just to stay up longer and finish everything I need to do.

    • about my serving the church. That was unworthy of you.Pardon the short response, I have to get up in the morning… I am conducting a training course on how patrol officers should respond to active shooters in the wor.lpacek.. you can bet your last money that we won't be talking about pepper spray or tasers, either.

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