The top 10 women’s summer health and safety tips

Summer is usually the perfect time for us to go outdoors, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and go on vacations and parties with our families and friends. For most women, summer is also the best time to stay active, eat nutritious and fresh produce, and to flaunt their best summer outfits.

While staying under the sun can be beneficial to our health to some extent, prolonged sun exposure can also cause adverse effects in our bodies in the long run. Not only that. The different summer activities that we participate in can also pose threats to both our health and safety. Learn more about the top 10 women’s summer health and safety tips and make the most out of this season of endless fun and celebrations.

Stay hydrated.

One common tip that many people still fail to follow consistently is to consume enough fluids during hot summer days. Always bring a bottle of water with you when you go outside or when you are having an intense workout. If you want to, you may also prepare fresh juices and nutritious milkshake to help your body cool down this summer season.

Stay under the shade.

Whatever the season of the year is, going out at noon is not only harmful to your skin but to your cardiovascular health as well. Avoid staying under direct sunlight for too long and be aware of the early signs of heat exhaustion which includes fatigue, dizziness, muscle and abdominal cramps, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, pale skin, and headache.

Don’t forget sun protection.

If you are on an outdoor vacation or if you can’t avoid going outside on a sunny day then at least remember to apply sunblock with at least SPF 20 before going outside. Also, wearing protective yet light and comfortable clothing and using sunglasses, hats, and umbrellas can reduce the amount of exposure of your skin from harmful UV rays.

Skip tanning.

Many people find tanned skin as being more attractive than pale colored ones. While this matter is very subjective, women must always consider the consequences of overexposure to UV rays during tanning. Natural sunlight tanning and artificial tanning using an equipment equally increase the chance of developing skin cancer in the future.

Never delay treatment.

Although skin cancer is not as fatal as other types of cancer, delaying the treatment can cause serious complications. Skin cancer, which may appear as small brown patches, may cause disfiguration to underlying tissues and even spread to other organs if left untreated.

Don’t skip exercise.

A warm and humid weather should not hinder you from sticking to your workout routine. Make your physical training a regular habit by making a definite plan and rewarding yourself once in awhile to keep you motivated.

Eat right and healthy.

Drinking wine and eating savory barbecues and delectable sweets are not that bad when done occasionally. If you are planning to lose weight, reduce your caloric intake and try to balance your diet with fiber, lean meat, healthy oils, fruits, and vegetables; but never ever skip meals.

Watch out for insects.

Whether you are visiting the beaches or the mountains, always bring insect repellent lotion and patches, as well as a first aid kit with you. Skin rashes, itching, and irritation should always be reported to the doctor immediately.

Swim safely.

Always know your limits when swimming. Avoid taking a dip while drinking alcohol and when you are alone. As much as possible, get yourself a swimming buddy and remember where the lifeguard station is in case of an emergency.

Stay free from STDs.

Some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) do not show any symptoms until they are already full blown. Thus, if you are sexually active, you cannot make sure that you are STD-free unless you undergo a screening. Check online for more resources on convenient, accurate, and affordable STD tests in the US.

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