Advent Calendar Giveaway

The first of December is looming… we can’t wait! We are looking forward to all things Christmassy. 

Have you organised your advent calendar yet? For once I’m super ready and have ours (hidden from the children and the husband until the first day they can have them) but if you haven’t got yours yet, then don’t panic. 

We have one to giveaway to one lucky person. 

We love Hotel Chocolat and their Christmas range of goodies this year hasn’t disappointed. 

They have a wide selection of advent calendars to suit all tastes and we have one to share with our readers… 

24 Christmas sculptures cast in caramel. Let the countdown begin with this chocolate advent calendar!

Now the question is, would you share it or would you keep it all to yourself…? 

If you’d like to be in with a chance to win, simply share in the comments what kind of advent calendar you normally have, a paper one, a candle, a chocolate one, or something else, then click on the rafflecopter link to complete your entry. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Terms & Conditions

One winner will be chosen by Raffelcopter on Tuesday 28th November and the calendar will be sent directly to them in time for December 1st.

Winner will be contacted via e mail and will have 28 days to respond, then another winner will be chosen

UK entrants only. 

All entry requirements must be completed. 

Spam entries will be deleted. 

No cash prize alternatives.

*we were sent a calendar to try and one to share*



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  1. I never have one:( but my kids have lovely wooden trains that I put chocs in. Last year I made it into a treasure hunt

  2. I don’t have an Advent Calendar this year. I’ve had Yankee Candle ones on previous years, and occasionally will get a chocolate one. The kids all have chocolate ones usually (although one has Haribo and one has Pringles this year) x

  3. I always have a Cadbury chocolate advent, this year I’ve bought a wooden nutcracker from Aldi to fill with treats for our daughter

  4. The kids normally have chocolate ones. I don’t have one but sometimes they feel generous and they give me a piece of their chocolate 😀

  5. I don’t usually have an Advent calendar. I’d like a chocolate or a beauty Advent calendar if I had to choose.

  6. I like to get a traditional one with glitter on as it reminds me of the ones I had when I was little before the chocolate ones were invented. I am soooooo old lol!

  7. Always a chocolate one. If I buy it then its just a cheap one from Poundland, if the other half buys one then its usually a Cadburys one or something

  8. Hotel chocolat is a luxury what a lovely treat this would be 🙂 i normally have a £1 from from asda or tesco

  9. I normally have a very old traditional one where you open the doors each day to find a Christmas themed picture

  10. I don’t usually have one….the kids get a chocolate one each. How amazing it would be if I had one too this year.

  11. I love the look of the beauty advent calendars – but they are either so expensive or full or rubbish. So I’m lucky enough that my sister makes me an advent calendar each year with little treats that I will love. Would love to win so I can give it to get as a treat ❤️

  12. I don’t get one usually but my daughter lets me have whatever treat is in hers on 10th December as thats my birthday 🙂 x

  13. Usually a Cadbury one but this year I have a Yankee Candle one so this would just be the icing on the cake!

  14. I’ve only ever had chocolate ones, although I do love the beauty ones but I still prefer chocolate 🙂

  15. Generally have a cheapo chocolate one for myself, although someone bought me the yankee candle one last year which was a nice treat!

  16. A chocolate one normally but for the kids I’ve got them wooden ones with drawers this year that we’re going to use to have mini treasure hunts to find little gifts/notes etc…

  17. I don’t usually have one – my daughters don’t eat all the chocolate out of theirs though and share with me.

  18. The last couple of years my partner’s bought me a Thorntons one… Would be nice to win this for, for a change!

  19. I don’t get one anymore but my children like the Lindt or Thorntons personalised ones. This year however my daughter has asked for a smiggle one!! I was happy with a picture advent calendar with lots of glitter on when I was young – how times change xx

  20. If we get an advent calendar, it’s usually on a whim at or near the start of December. it would only ever be a chocolate one.

  21. Sometimes its a cadburys advent calendar, last year it was an old fashioned street scene, no chocolate, that was smothered in glitter.

  22. We always have a chocolate one but I have to admit, all the different varieties that are coming out…I may change from the traditional chocolate and try something new..unless it’s Hotel Chocolat of course

  23. Sad to say I have NEVER had one, even as a child. I do, however buy for others, Maltesers for the adults, a cartoon popular one for the children and one dairy free for a littleb boy who is allergic to milk protein.

  24. I’ve not had one since I was a child but the kids have chocolate ones- sometimes they choose Thorntons with their name iced on, sometimes Cadburys and sometimes the cheap ones with the Characters on.

  25. We have several depending on the choice of the child /adult … mainly chocolate .. but we have had Smiggle and Yankee Candle ones xx

  26. I don’t normally have one. Most year the kids have chocolate unless I see a reasonably priced one with good contents. They’ve had play doh and v-tech in the past.

  27. I don’t normally have one but I usually get my son a cheap chocolate one and then a toy one as well

  28. Different ones. I’ve had Lego ones, Thorntons ones. This year, I’ve got a milky bar one. Unless of course I win this much better one!

  29. I usually get a beauty advent calendar – M&S or Boots. My mum buys me one as a treat for when I come home from uni for Christmas😊

  30. a bottle of baileys rish cream
    that is my little treat and will see me into the new year

    i also get a yankee advent calendar as im yankee addicted 🙂 buy them in the January sales and put away till the next year, saves quite a bit of money

  31. I never have one, the children have chocolate ones, even the dog has one, but I never do, maybe I should buy myself one but I just dont get round to it

  32. I’ve been buying the family advent calendars for nearly 30 yrs but nobody has bought me one since I was about 8yrs old! I am hoping I get lucky this year!

  33. I like to have 2. A chocolate one (although never before have I had anything as luxurious as a Hotel Chocolat one) and a traditional picture one as it reminds me of my childhood 😊

  34. I don’t ! I never buy myself one I’m always too busy making sure the kids have theirs in time and the right ones so they don’t argue over them haha ! Ive seen the wine one this year(gin will be nice too) so may have to join the kids next year and get myself one 🙂

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