More than 9 lives… week 1. Voucher giveaway.

If you follow our blog at all or social media you will possibly be aware that our grand old lady cat Layla turned 13 (human years, which makes her in her 70’s in cat years) recently and for us this is a big celebration because when she was a kitten she wasn’t supposed to live very long. You can read her story here. So for a month, we are celebrating her, all things cat and pet related and as part of that we are working with some great brands and small businesses and  have some fabulous giveaways to share with our readers. Layla is very important to us, she’s the cat behind the name, and she was my baby before the children came along (she’s never actually forgiven me for bringing them home, I don’t think) so we are happy she is still with us. Her grumpy and stubborn streak has served her well. She has been through a lot and has lived more than 9 lives, and proved she is one special cat…

She is feisty, demanding, she loves human food, and she really is a central part of our family and we cannot imagine life without her furry and grumpy presence. She makes me laugh a lot, and occasionally annoys me (when she does “bad things” in places she shouldn’t or when she wakes me at 5am demanding breakfast before the children are even awake) but I wouldn’t swap her for the world. Who knew the day I took a little fluffy chocolate ball home that one day she would feature on a blog and be such a big part of our lives. She goes by the tag #grumpycat on social media and she has her own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too…

Some facts about Layla.

She is part Persian. You can tell in certain pictures. Her mother was a Traditional Persian and she gets some of her features from her. Her dad was a local mog cat, her mum managed to get frisky when she wasn’t supposed to, and Layla and her two brothers were the result. 

She actually isn’t black, she is a very dark chocolate colour, but in most photos you can’t tell. 

She carries the FIP/FIV antibdodies and nearly died of the disease as a kitten. She is currently part of a long term clinical trial into the disease and how to find a cure. I have to give her medication every week and every three months she has blood tests to see how she is doing. 

She LOVES human food, including Thai Green curry, scrambled eggs, chocolate cake, and anything with cheese on it. We recently realised that she has developed a dairy intolerance so she isn’t allowed to eat cheese any more, we have to be careful because she will try and steal it if she knows it’s around. 

She is a one person cat. No one else is allowed to handle her, brush her, give her mediction but me, and when we go to the vet she is VERY picky about who gets to treat her (she bit a vet once, and now growls when they come into the room, she really is a madam!)

She is allergic to tick bites, and we live in a place where we get a lot of them. She has to be groomed weekly to make sure she hasn’t got any ticks and she hates it. (we do treat her and our other cat for ticks too)

She refused to come near me and hissed at me for 6 whole weeks when I brought our first baby (the tween) home from the hospital. She tolerates the small boy much better and allows him to feed and stroke her, though. 

She once made friends with the builders next door and spent a summer being fed Polish sausage and bacon, unbeknownst by me. When we went to the vet for her check up she had gained 1kg which is a lot for a cat, and it was only when I spotted her sitting on the lap of one of the builders in the garden, that we realised she was being fed extra food and spoiled. She was very sad when they finished and left. She lost the 1kg when they went away. 

She spends most of her days now either asleep on my bed, or sitting in the shade in our next door neighbour’s garden winding up their dogs who are all terrified of her!

So as you can see, she’s a bit of a character. 

So to celebrate her turning 13, we are kicking off our giveaways with a voucher to a pet store that has served us well and is a regular haunt for us, looking for pet supplies.  Pet’s at Home have kindly agreed to help us with this, we spend a lot of time in our local store, usually with the children trying to persuade us to bring home more pets…

One person will be chosen and will recieve a Β£25 gift voucher that can be used online or in store at any UK branch. 

All you have to do is comment on our blog and tell us what your pet or pets are called and if they have any funny quirks like Layla? Then click on the giveaway link and complete your entry. Layla says good luck and we look forward to hearing all about your pets and their funny ways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner will be chosen on the 13th August and will be sent the voucher by post. 

Terms & Conditions

No cash or alternative prizes

UK entrants only and over 16

Entrants must complete all requirements, no spam entries.

Winner has 21 days to respond then a new winner will be chosen.

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  1. I have two cats. Lottie is exotic and caboose is a pixie Bob! He has thumbs and a short stumpy tail. He will also sit, paw and high 5 on command πŸ˜€

  2. Shia likes sleeping in egg boxes and his brother Siege likes jumping across garage roofs

  3. I used to keep Dwarf Hamsters & plan to again in the future, one of them used to sleep curled up on the sofa between my legs like a micro puppy!

  4. My cat’s favourite place to sleep is in the washing basket with my newly washed and dred laundry!!

  5. We haven’t got a pet yet but are getting a cat mid-August. Adopting a local rescue cat – hopefully an old man or woman like Layla. We will see who we get. My old cat (Tuppence) used to curl up under the duvet with me, using my arm as a pillow when I was reading. πŸ™‚

  6. One of my cats loves paper bags, and for some reason he likes to cover his food bowl with one.

  7. Lizzie my dog has to have her ballie rolled towards her bowl in order for her to eat her dinner and she gets very excited when we are loading the washing machine and we have to say ready steady go when we close it and she runs round in circles barking!

  8. I have 3 cats, my oldest cat MILEY is the only one that goes out. Her stubborn and relaxed character is really funny. She loves to sit just watching people walk past they talk to her and she just looks away, she is very antisocial

  9. we have 2 Border Collies and a cat, they all have their quirky ways, our cat is 20 years old, she is a small cat and still looks like a kitten, it always amuses me that she knows that the dogs have to wait for her to finish having a drink of water from the water bowl, so she drinks as slowly as possible and keeps stopping and turning round to make sure they are still waiting! the 2 dogs queue up one behind the other and stare at the cat willing her to hurry up!

  10. Frankie our family black lab loves to drink out of the watering can that we put in the garden to collect rain water to use for watering the plants instead of the water that we give her inside in her lovely personalised bowl!

  11. i currently have 8 cats. (4 of which were one month old yesterday) their mama ‘Arya’ decided she wanted to bring them downstairs 2 days ago, they were in my bedroom out of the way of my 2 kiddies, but no, she wanted them downstairs, they are currently snuggled up on a blanket in the middle of the room while my 18month old walks round them in a circle πŸ™‚ its so nice to see them playing together

  12. I have 4 cats and each has their own funny personality! One thing they all have in common though is they all like to sleep in the bath tub!

  13. My cat is called Gizzy, and quirks. She likes having the base of her tail scratched, but only when she can’t be reached. We have to crawl all over the floor trying to stroke her as she purrs and keeps moving away…

  14. My dog lily seems to think she’s some sort of cat-human hybrid. She sits on the top of the sofa like a cat, but also does things like attempts to get the bus and tries to say words. When she wants to play she makes a noise that I SWEAR sounds like she’s saying “Harry!”

  15. I have a four year old Jack Russell and he smiles at people he likes….like proper smiles. It’s so funny.

  16. I have a chocolate labrador who loves to lay down when he sees people outside expecting each person to talk to him and give him a belly rub.

  17. My Cat Garfield is a grump old boy but he’s so lovely. He likes the outdoors life mostly but does come inside for cuddles. He also likes to attack my toes when I’m sleeping too – cheeky boy x

  18. Kiki is a rescue cat and loves sitting in the sink waiting for drips of water out of the tap. She also ran straight up the chimney when we first brought her home and was sitting on a ledge just our of reach for some time before we could coax her down, covered in soot! Needless to say we keep it blocked off now. She is now a very loving cat if still a bit skittish from her days in the wild.

  19. Amber our cat will only leave the house via the boys upstairs bedroom window ! Havent a clue why

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