Why Do Dogs Sleep in Weird Positions?

Dog owners will understand how wonderful and funny these furry creatures can be. These adorable fellows are the best friends that one can ask for. It might seem that you understand them fully but in reality you don’t. However, much can be learned about our pets by observing their behavior such as the way they walk, sit or even sleep.

Dogs are known for their weird sleeping positions, which provide great entertainment fodder for social media. But there’s more to this as the sleeping position of a dog can reveal a lot about its personality.

Here are 5 known sleeping positions that can help you in determining your dog’s personality and behavior:

The Side-Sleeper

If your dog tends to sleep while lying on the side and keeps its legs straight then it is an indication that your pet is comfortable with its surroundings. In fact, this is the most comfortable position for a dog to sleep in as it shows that they trust you and they feel secure in the home they live in.

But don’t let this worry-free position fool you. Your pooch is still alert and can sense any approaching danger, even in this position.

The Super Pup

The Super Pup is the sleeping position in which the dog likes to sleep on its belly with all four limbs stretched fully. This position is called Super Pup because it makes your pet dog look like a comic book super hero mid-flight. This sleeping position is probably the most adorable one and can be found all over social media, if you have friends with dogs.

Studies suggest that dogs that sleep this way are highly energetic and the reason for them adopting this sleeping position is so that they can get up and about in an instant.

The Crazy Legs

Crazy legs is the term used to describe the position when the dog lies on its back with limbs spread out in the most awkward position imaginable. This sleeping position indicates that your dog is very relaxed and laid back in your home. This position also indicates that your pup trusts you a lot and feels secure in your house.

The Passed Out

The passed out sleeping position is probably the most human-like sleeping stance found among dogs. It is when a dog lays down on its back with its head straight up. Dogs usually sleep in this position after a very tiring day because this position helps them relax and cool down very quickly. This also indicates that your dog is happy, sharing its life with you.

The Snuggly Fox

If your dog sleeps curled up like a donut, then this position is called the ‘snuggly fox’. Dogs tend to sleep in this position when they want to conserve all the body heat inside. The curling up might not look comfortable to us humans but dogs have incredibly flexible spines which makes it comfortable for them. Dogs that sleep in this position have gentle personality.

If you have dogs in your home then you certainly have a big responsibility on your hands. You have to make sure that they are healthy, are eating well and getting good sleep. It is also necessary to make your home pet friendly by building a dedicated dog house and installing a pet door for their convenience and comfort.

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  1. My Bernese Mountain Dog at times sleeps on her side. This might not sound like a big deal, but she’s 120+ pounds (so it looks pretty funny)! Otherwise, she sleeps on her tummy. 🙂

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