How to save money on your heating bills this winter.

The high price of gas and electricity is a subject that has rarely been out of the news in the past twelve months and as winter approaches our usage can increase dramatically. To minimise your heating bills, there are many steps you should start to follow immediately. If you take no action, you may face a very unwelcome bill in the months to come. Let look closely on How to save money on your heating bills this winter.

Install a new central heating system.

If your central heating system is ten years old or over then, you need to start considering replacing it. Replacing a central heating system is a major job and can only be undertaken by qualified individuals and organisations. A new central heating system may seem like a significant financial outlay, but it will be considerably more efficient than your previous system. It will, therefore, help to drive down your gas bills.

Get your boiler and radiators serviced every twelve months.

An inefficient boiler will be costing you hundreds of pounds during its lifetime in wasted gas bills. On top of the financial loss, a poorly maintained boiler can also be lethal, so it does make sense to get your boiler serviced regularly. As with installation, it is illegal for a non-Gas Safe registered individual to service a boiler so do not attempt this job yourself. Power flushing your heating is great for increasing the efficiency of your boiler. Radiators can get clogged and take longer to heat up which then costs you more overtime. If you have a radiator which is not performing correctly then it might be worth swapping it for a newer radiator. Before purchasing a new radiator you should check the radiator size and type to make sure you are getting the best output possible.

Use the thermostat and timer.

If your central heating system has a thermostat and a timer, then you should use it. Do not waste gas by running your system on constant if you are going to be out at work all day. Instead, use the timer to activate the system just before you arrive home. Likewise, set the thermostat to trigger the heating at around 18 degrees.

Insulate your home.

Your home may need additional or improved insulation. Much of the heat in your home is lost through the roof, so line your loft space with loft insulation.

In addition to the points above, you should use your common sense. It is amazing how many people will admit to running their central heating system while at the same time leaving windows and doors wide open. Also, if your room feels slightly cool, try adding an extra layer of clothing before reaching for the heating’s “ON” switch.

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