Spotty’s Sunday (19th May 2019)

Welcome to Spotty’s Sunday. This is the  gecko corner of our blog, shared by Matthew with a little help from his mum. Spotty is our leopard gecko who has come to live with us. He is currently almost 10 weeks old.

This week Spotty the Gecko decided to moult. Geckos have to moult, or shed their skin, to grow. They aren’t like us people, who have skin that grows with them. We noticed that he had gone very white, and in fact we got a bit worried, until we remembered that that was a sign that he was about to shed his skin. We made sure his tank was nice and warm and that he had a nice damp cave to hide in (leopard geckos needs both of these to be able to moult properly)

 A leopard gecko should moult within a few hours of turning white and usually. They usually manage by themselves to shed their skin, and we don’t need to help them, although my mum did have to check that he didn’t have any skin stuck to his toes. This can happen and cause problems. He didn’t have any skin stuck and he has definitely grown. Leopard geckos eat their skin when they have moulted. That sounds horrible, but it’s normal for a gecko.

He is getting much braver and will now climb onto my hand to say hello. We haven’t managed to get a video of that yet, but we do have a video of him catching a cricket and eating it. He is very fast. He eats 2-3 crickets a day.

Maybe next week we will have a good video of him sitting on my hands and saying hello.


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