Spotty’s Sunday (2nd June ’19)

Welcome to Spotty’s Sunday. This is the  gecko corner of our blog, shared by Matthew with a little help from his mum. Spotty is our leopard gecko who has come to live with us. He is currently almost 12 weeks old.

Spotty is doing well. This week, I have been feeding him some mealworms, which he REALLY likes. I think he is getting ready to moult again, and I am watching for his skin to go whiter which is a big sign that he is about to shed. Every day, I change his water, and make sure his wet cave, where he likes to spend time, has enough damp moss in it. He sleeps in there in the daytime. He is getting bigger. His favourite time of day is when I come to talk to him in the evening, and he runs to see me, because he knows I will give him food. He also likes to lick his whole face with his tongue. My mum thinks this is really clever, but it is something all geckos do.

My dad has helped me to set up a camera in my room to take video of Spotty when I am not around, and at nighttime. It’s fun to see what he gets up to. I am saving up my pocket money to get him a special tree branch to climb on to give him more to do in his terrarium.

We still haven’t managed to get a video of him climbing onto my hand and up my arm. He will only doing it when my mum isn’t trying to record it, he’s naughty.

You can see how much he enjoys his mealworms for dinner, in a video my mum took here…


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