Spotty’s Sunday 30/06/19 – gecko moulting time again…

Welcome to Spotty’s Sunday. This is the  gecko corner of our blog, shared by Matthew with a little help from his mum. Spotty is our leopard gecko who has come to live with us. He is currently almost 16 weeks old.

Spotty has moulted again. We got some photos of him, when he came out to say hello to me. He looks really funny and like a ghost gecko when he is moulting. He was white in the morning, and then went into his wet cave (which we keep cool with damp moss) and he was green and spottier the next day. He eats his skin, because he’s extra hungry when he has moulted)

My mum also took a funny video of him. He likes to come out of his cage and stare. He is very good at staring and usually wins.

We have decorated his tank a bit more. I will tell you a bit about that next week.

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