Spotty’s Sunday 01/09/19 – Geckos have cool eyes.

Welcome to Spotty’s Sunday. This is the  gecko corner of our blog, shared by Matthew with a little help from his mum. Spotty is our leopard gecko who has come to live with us. He is currently almost 25 weeks old.

One of my favourite things about Spotty is his eyes. They are amazing. His eyes have got a bit darker as he has got bigger but mainly I like his eyes because they are clever.

Did you know?

Many geckos don’t have eyelids but leopard geckos do! They can even blink  when many other geckos can’t and they can also close their eyelids when sleeping.

Leopard geckos can see better than other types of geckos. and their eyesight is as good as a cat.

Leopard geckos eyes at night can see colour in the dark, as well as in the daytime, but but only see shades of grey and black at night.

Also, did you know that leopard geckos use their tongue to moisten their eyes? My mum thinks this is really clever, and she loves to try and catch videos of him doing this. He usually does it after he has eaten or had a drink of water.

Basically leopard geckos have really good eyesight and they are clever. I have always thought this as Spotty is very good at spotting someone coming over to his terrarium and comes to investigate. Sometimes he needs a bit of help to see his hoppers in his cage though.

You can see a little video of some pictures I took of Spotty, using my mum’s big proper camera. I didn’t use a flash because it hurts his eyes.


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    • Thank you, they are cute and easy pets but do need a bit of input. They live for 20 years though so not a short term pet!

  1. Wow sounds like you really do have an creative little boy for sure. I love that he has wrote this and is also pet focused xx

    • My neighbour has a bearded dragon, they are very cool, we like to go play with them, when they are being cleaned out

  2. Really interesting facts about leopard geckos! When hay fever strikes, I wish I could use moisten my eyes too 😂

    • I know, I think it’s hilarious watching him lick his eyes, I wish it was something we could do too!

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