Getting Christmas ready with Swizzles

*We were kindly sent some sweets to share for this blog post*

There are lots of things we do to get Christmas ready and there is usually a lot of excitement and anticipation at this time of year.

Whilst my kids are a little older we still have lots of magic happening and every year on Christmas Eve we set up a plate of goodies for Santa and his reindeer. It was something we did when I was a child, and now we carry that on with my children. We usually put a mince pie, some carrots, and a drink out.

This year we are making it extra special and making Santa his own special plate, and adding a little sweet touch with some Swizzles sweets. We think Santa works very hard and needs all the treats he can get, to keep his energy and spirit up for the hard work he has to get through in such a short time before Christmas Day. We want to make sure he knows we are thinking of him.

It’s easy to decorate a plate, and you can make it a fun learning activity with your kids, and let them design what they like. All you need is a plain ceramic plate and some ceramic paint pens. Pens keep mess to a minimum and dry fast.

My small son likes to plan and know what he is designing, but you can add whatever you want to your plate, as long as you make sure Santa knows it’s for him.

We personalized ours and made sure all the family was included, even the pets.

Let the plate dry, then you need to plan what you are going to put on it to make sure Santa has a lovely surprise when he arrives. Swizzles make so many sweets that there is bound to be something he loves, and you can either choose a sweet he can make last a bit longer, like a lollipop or some sweets he can munch in his sleigh.

Our video might give you some ideas and inspiration.

A fun and easy way to add a touch more magic in the run-up to getting ready for Christmas.

What’s going to be on your plate for Santa and his reindeer this year?

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