Spotty’s Sunday – keeping your leopard gecko happy

Welcome to Spotty’s Sunday and our little corner of the blog for all things Leopard Gecko. Written by Matthew, with a little help from mum. Spotty is our Leopard gecko who is about 10 months old. He came to live with us in May last year.


It’s always important to keep your pets healthy and happy and Spotty is my pet so it is my job to look after him and make sure this happens.

The first thing to make your gecko happy you need to treat it kindly make sure you feed him or her twice a day. They can go without food in the wild for a few days, but Spotty likes his hoppers twice a day.

Even though they are quite shy at first they will get used to you.

After that to also make him or her happy you need to learn how to handle them (that I will explain at the end) and remember to keep their water dish full and calcium dish as well.

How to handle your gecko

To handle your leopard gecko you need to put one hand in the terrarium and wait for your leopard gecko to climb on.

Do not handle your gecko straight after you get him or her home. It is best to wait a couple of days at least until he or she has settled. You need to start slowly and let them get used to your voice and smell. Don’t move fast and don’t grab them.

Leopard geckos like to be clean and they also like to have a warm place and a cool place, to be as close to how they live in the wild. Spotty has a hot cave and a cool cave and I make sure the temperature in the terrarium is comfortable .

It’s actually easy to look after a Leopard gecko if you make sure you learn all about them and what they need before you get one.

Leopard gecko

Spotty is going to be one soon. I wonder what we should get for a birthday surprise?

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