Our week in photos – grocery shopping and safe walks

Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Our way of sharing our week and what we get up to with our family abroad and grandparents who like to keep up with our life and antics.

Our week in photos

As we enter week four of lockdown, we are settling into more normal. The government has told us that we have another three weeks “at least” to ride out, so we carry on. We have gone back to as much of a normal routine as we can, because it’s better for everyone’s mental health, and we are feeling better for it. The husband has decided we need regular early morning route marches to get us outside when it’s safe and quieter, and whilst there has been some protest, from the non-morning people in the house, it’s working well and even the teenager is feeling better for it.

We have access to online grocery shopping which is a huge relief because I have found our local supermarket exceedingly stressful when I have had to go, and I hate supermarket shopping in normal times. Adding people not adhering to social distancing rules and the worry of being a spreader or catcher of Covid makes it even more frustrating. Hopefully we can avoid that for a while now.

We have been baking flapjacks and scones galore here, and having a lot of fun in the kitchen, the kids are really good at baking and cooking and I enjoy the results.

We also put the tent up in the garden, because why not. Safe to say I wasn’t volunteering to sleep in it and poor Layla was most confused by it’s appearance. She and I are old and we like our warm beds.

our week in photos

I have started properly using the exercise bike that we ordered when we knew we were going to be housebound. The kids call it Barry the Corona bike, and I am aiming for 25 minutes of cycling per day on it, and about 8km. I am at 15 minutes now and about 5/6km and I enjoy watching something and about half an hour of child-free peace each day to do that. It’s helping to keep me sane and also to burn off all the baking we are doing.

So that’s our week in photos. You can watch our weekly video update here too with more snippets of our week.

How has this week been treating you?

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  1. The marches sound like a great idea to get everyone motivated on a morning.
    I have managed to secure a couple of delivery slots for the next couple of weeks so I feel more at ease about the shopping situation. It was really starting to stress me out.
    I have been thinking about getting our tent out and letting the kids camp out overnight in it but I might wait until it’s a little warmer. x

    • The teen is now officially shielded due to some health issues, so we have been sorted some deliveries thank goodness.

  2. The early morning marches sound like a good way to start the day. We’ve stopped joining in with PE with Joe over the holidays and I’m quite looking forward to getting back into it next week and getting some exercise again. Having an exercise bike is very useful at the moment! I’m glad you’ve managed to get some delivery slots – it is stressful having to venture to the shops especially when people aren’t always so good at adhering to social distancing. Hope the children are enjoying having the tent out. #project366

    • They loved the tent, I think they would move into it if I let them. Perhaps I should!! 🙂

  3. Having an exercise bike is a great idea. I’m so lazy, what with work and interests indoors, I need something exercise wise where I have no excse!

  4. I admire your stamina to have morning walks. I’m so not a morning person, and would struggle with early outings. I also find the supermarket shopping stressful, so many people still do not comprehend the idea of distancing and not barging into you, more men than women.
    Having an exercise bike is a good idea, I saw one promoted by Mumsnet yesterday and thought about it, but we have absolutely no space to put it in.
    Keep safe!

    • I am not a morning person at all, thankfully he makes me a big mug of coffee to motivate me and take with me!

  5. The exercise bike sounds like a very good idea! It’s good to hear that your morning walk routine is working out for you all. I always like to start the day with a run or a walk, but everyone works on different timetables here, so we all just go out on our own when we’re ready!

    • my husband is on a real mission to get us out every day, and it is nice. I would love to be back to running by myself, I need to get organized and just do it.

    • Thankfully now we are getting deliveries, the GP has sorted it for us, as the teen is shielded so we can reduce risk!

  6. It’s a good idea to watch something while you’re cycling, means you stay at it a bit longer, I’ve never camped in the garden with the kids, set the tent up many a time for them though. I’m finding shopping stressful also, but don’t mind walking the dog daily

  7. wow at your speed on your exercise bike, I manage about 2 miles in 40 mins. and I thought I was doing ok. I also watch something on the tv as well.
    Hope somebody uses the tent now it is up.
    I am hating going shopping as well.

    • Shopping is a nightmare isn’t it? I have to keep up with the cyclists in my family so I am working hard!

    • We are getting there, it is all a bit weird but we are managing. I hope you are doing ok?

  8. Good idea on the tent we are planning on doing that for my youngest birthday in a couple of weeks. I wish I had somehwere to put an exercise bike I feel like the extra pounds are starting to show. Sounds like you have found a routine that works for you all and I am sure thats half the battle!

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