Our week in photos – all is calm, we carry on.

Welcome to Our Week in Photos. Our way of sharing our week and what we get up to with our family abroad and grandparents who like to keep up with our life and antics.

our week in photos

This week, dare I say it, has been good. We have had our wobbly moments of course, and life in lockdown has it’s challenges and bumps but we are doing ok. We have had a busy week of back to normal distance learning for the teen and homeschool for the boy and I and the lovely weather has meant we have been outside a lot in our garden and also enjoying our daily walks and cycles (they cycle, I walk, I currently don’t have a bike, unless you count Barry the Corona Bike)

We have been doing more baking, more cooking, lots of video chats with friends and family, and sliding back into what is our normal for now. Dance classes, violin lessons and Cubs and Youth groups are all online and it’s keeping the kids going to be able to keep up with friends at this time. I am feeling calmer now and to be honest am happy to carry on with this, for as long as is needed and is safe. It isn’t always easy but it feels ok. I will be sharing more on that next week.

You can see our weekly video here of what we have been up to, but this is my favourite photo from this week. We managed a walk out to see the cows on the meadow near us and I grabbed a family photo where everyone looked vaguely happy and liking each other!

our week in photos

The sky really was that blue, I didn’t crop it out, no filters needed.

So that was our week in photos. I hope this week has treated you kindly and you are staying safe, and well.

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  1. Such a sweet photo! And that sky! There is something so soothing about a walk under a big blue sky. We’ve been getting so much rain here and the sky is almost always cloudy. When we have sunlight, we try to spend as much time in it as we can! I haven’t been chatting with friends enough recently. I have one friend that I chat with regularly, but I’m thinking I need to start reaching out more, I miss people’s faces!

  2. That’s a lovely family photo. Glad that you feel that you have settled into a normal with all of this now and are feeling calmer. Lovely to be doing more cooking and baking and thank goodness for being able to do classes online. #project366

  3. How lovely to read that you are all coping well with the lockdown at the moment. It sounds like the kids have got plenty to keep them amused. My daughter doesn’t like online Scouts, so I fear her Scouting career may be over now (she’s 14, so it would be finished in July anyway).
    The photo is lovely. The weather has been amazing lately.

  4. we have had lovely weather as well, makes such a difference. The cows round here are all back in the fields as well.
    Apart from lack of income I am loving this lock down, shame i cant afford to retire

    • it is nice to be home isn’t it, sadly I can’t afford to not work in some form or other but we are trying to look at that!

  5. That’s a nice photo. I’m the same, I’m happy to stay home until it’s all gone, but schools will go back at some point so will have to emerge other than a weekly shop visit for that.

    • I have kind of settled into an at-home routine and think it will be very weird to go back to any kind of normal, but I guess we will have to at some point. It’s all rather strange, isn’t it?

  6. What a lovely family photo. I do think getting out and walking really helps with the mood. Sounds like a very successful week. I hope the good vibes have continued for you all xx

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