Our week in photos – the cat smells lovely

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our week in photos

This week we are still surviving lockdown, I think we are in week 5, or it could be week 6, I have lost track, but we are all doing ok. Ups and downs but carrying on.

We have had a good week, although it has had its stressful moments, because the husband has been working on a big work project/conference type thing, which normally would be easy, at work, in an office, however at home, locked in a bedroom with family around is a little more interesting to manage. At one point both children decided to have a full-on, very loud, squabble outside the door where he was working and I had to go all Army Sargent mum and deal with them very sternly “Dad’s big boss DOES NOT need to hear you guys fighting over the remote control, both of you BE QUIET and TIME OUT NOW!!” but we survived and he got through and now we don’t have to worry about disturbing him. Working from home for him is usually fairly smooth but we still have our moments where we are all on top of each other 24/7 and it gets a wee bit challenging.

our week in photos
Why does the cat smell so lovely?

We also solved a mystery this week. Jasper our tabby cat, has been coming home smelling very lovely for a good few days. Like perfume. Normally we wouldn’t worry but with coronavirus charging around and social distancing in place we were worried that he was sauntering off to someone else’s house for peace and quiet from the chaos of ours and being cuddled by someone, and possibly sharing more than love and spreading the virus. However, we found out why he smells so nice, and thankfully it’s only because he has taken to sleeping in our next-door neighbors lilac tree which is in full bloom right now and smells amazing, and clearly it’s rubbing off on him. So he’s a very fragrant but not infectious cat. Phew.

Other than that, it’s been a very quiet week. You can see what we have been up to here.

Now we wait for the government to let us know how lockdown will ease. I must say I am nervous, as I don’t think schools should be going back too soon, but I guess we shall see.

So that’s our week in photos. I hope this week has treated you kindly too?

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our week in photos
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  1. Ah, that’s so funny about your cat smelling of lilac. I feel your husband’s pain with the conference calls. There’s only 2 of us working in the house, so it’s easier here as n usually heads off to the other room or outside for a break if I’ve got calls to make.

  2. It sounds like it has been a challenge for your hubby working from home.
    hehehe. That did make me chuckle about Jasper coming home smelling nice after sleeping in the tree. What a relief to find out he wasn’t at someone else’s house. x

  3. thankfully appears lock down is going to last longer.
    glad you got to the truth of the fragrant cat, and hope you dont have hayfever.
    Oh dear, hope the sergent major tactic worked, but guess bosses are having to accept this is normal in a family home and productivity will be down.

  4. Wish my cat could find a lilac tree to sleep in, she prefers the manky old fir trees and comes in the house shaking bits of dead fir off her. Thanks for joining in with #pocolo and hope to see you back tomorrow.

    • Thank you. Jasper often smells far worse than lilac so the change is good. I will be back with my new post tomorrow

  5. It must be lovely to have such a pleasant smelling cat, and thank goodness he hasn’t been in anyone else’s house! What a nightmare about the kids arguing when your husband was having an important work call, but no doubt it is happening to everyone at the moment!

  6. What a relief that Jasper is smelling so beautiful because he is sleeping in the lilac tree and not because he is not managing to maintain social distancing! I would have been worried too. It’s tricky keeping track of time at the moment isn’t it – I have the same problem trying to work out how many weeks it has been too. So difficult when the children are having a disagreement mid-conference call – we’ve had a few moments like that too! #project366

  7. Back again now as #project366 I won’t be changing anything in regards to the lockdown being eased, I certainly won’t be visiting family and friends and don’t intend on going out any more than I do now for food shopping only and dog walks

  8. Awww you’re all so cute. Nice picture. Wow, I should do what the cat did to smell nice 😛 Our schools and colleges opening has been delayed till 15th July until further notice

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