Bah humbug? Pipe down.

This is a rant. Look away now if you haven’t had enough coffee, tea or gin to cope with me telling you that if you are feeling bah humbug about people wanting to put their Christmas decorations up early then you need to pipe down.

It’s that time of the year. We all know Christmas is coming. Normally I am a little tetchy about Christmas decorations and food in the shops almost as soon as the schools go back in September, competing with Halloween and Bonfire night for sales.

But you know what, last year sucked. For the majority of people in the UK Christmas was cancelled. The month of December when people usually celebrate, see family and do all things Christmassy was effectively smashed to bits by horrifyingly high and our government put in hefty restrictions which mean that many people couldn’t see family and friends over the festive period and that was hard on so many people.

I love Christmas and by the end of Novmeber I am fully ready to get our tree up, the Christmas cake is made, and we are planning our family fun and celebration time. This year is no different.

But people have been putting their tree up before December hits, sharing their Christmas shopping plans and showing off their decorated homes with mixed repsonses.

Some people seem to be very annoyed that people are building up to Christmas and putting decorations up or getting into the spirit of things “too early”.

bah humbug

But you know what? Let it be. Drop the bah humbug and pipe down.

We have had a lot of pain, sadness, worry, fear, loss, anxiety, and trauma to deal with over the past 22 months and counting. If someone wants to put their tree up and festoon their house with lights and it’s not December yet, then let them. It’s not physically hurting you and if it bothers you then I am afraid I have no sympathy. There is no written rule that says you can’t be excited and doing Christmassy things before a certain date. I agree that possibly before Halloween was a bit early but the world has had a rotten time the last year or more so if people putting up their Christmas decorations brings happiness then I am ALL FOR IT. There is always debate and what people think are the rules about when you should decorate but really, who cares??

If you don’t want to, then no one is making you. Stick to your traditions around Christmas and when your decor goes up.

People need all the joy we can muster this year and maybe in to next. Putting Christmas decorations up early really isn’t a hill to die on, I promise.

Are your decorations up yet?


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  1. Our decorations went up today and I don’t think it’s too soon. They would have been up last weekend but it was my birthday and we had other plans. I think anytime after Halloween is fine. We all deserve a little joy in our lives after the last couple of years we’ve had x

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