My tonsillectomy – By Big Girl

I have had sore throats for a long time. I have had to have lots of time of school, and when my throat is sore, I don’t feel very well at all, and I had to have yucky tasting medicine called antibiotics. Mummy took me to see the doctor. He looked in my throat and […]


Why we chose to opt for an adenoidtonsillectomy

*Warning – unpretty picture of infected tonsils coming up, they are not Big Girl’s but pretty much are what her tonsils looked like when she was suffering from an actual bout of tonsillitis. When she was “well” her tonsils were that swollen, and only a small gap between them was visible. Her adenoids were also […]


Week in Photos – Goodbye tonsils!

Last week I didn’t do a photo link up, because I had spent part of the week without my iPhone, and hadn’t taken any, so I am making up for it this week. It’s been a big week. Big Girl had an operation to remove her tonsils and adenoids, or adenoid-tonsillectomy as it is called. […]


Get Fit Mummy – Weighty Matters?

Welcome to my weekly weight loss/get fit/change lifestyle and habits to achieve health goals post. (That sounds very long and wordy, I am going to need to work on it) I have been using a calorie tracker and step counter app on my iPhone, and according to that, depending what day it is, I walk […]


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