The realisation that I am not Super Woman….

This recent flu bug (which I promise not to go on about) was not good for my physical health, but also helped to give my pride and my stubborn streak a serious battering. I normally pride myself on being very self sufficient, independent, soldiering on, even when I am struggling physically (with my arthritis, I […]


A weekend alone!

LSH and I decided a while ago, that with Small Boy now sleeping better, and handling life more easily post grommet insertion, that it would be lovely if we could have a weekend away, just for us. We haven’t been away, alone, since before we got pregnant with said Small Boy, which is nearly 4 […]


Get Fit Mummy – an update.

I have neglected both the blog, and Get Fit Mummy, in general, for the past couple of weeks. I have had a type A Influenza, which has been nasty (don’t make jokes about flu folks, when you get it for real it is really, really awful) and literally wiped me out. I am almost better, […]


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