A tail of ticks and Hibbiscrub

That my friends is a very unhappy camper in cat form.

You see a bottle of Hibbiscrub and a rather annoyed looking cat. You are wondering what the connection is?

Layla had a little friend. A nasty, biting, blood sucking little friend.

Yup, that little friend was a tick.

Ticks are an issue where we live. We live near the river, near a beautiful expanse of copse and also Richmond Park. Ticks are a common problem. We do use preventative treatment for ticks but sometimes they get the better of us and they LOVE Layla.

Ticks are horrible. They carry diseases and I don’t think anyone has quite figured out their true purpose or reason for existing.

I hate ticks, Layla doesn’t love them either. She’s actually allergic to tick bites and has had a couple of nasty local infections and a bad allergic reaction.

So when I noticed she had a tick in her ear last week, I wasn’t best pleased. She wasn’t best pleased! It was big enough to have been on her for a couple of hours. She doesn’t usually go out much but now the weather is warmer she’s been out in the garden and likes to venture into the wild area at the back of our house and she clearly brought back more than she intended.

I know how to take a tick of safely, our vet has shown me how. I even have special tweezers just for this task. I went to get my special tweezers. But by the time I got back Layla had decided to do the job herself and had scratched it off leaving a sore bleeding area. The tick did come off cleanly but because Layla has a slightly compromised immune system and carries a virus that can make her unwell I always act when she’s got a cut or wound.

A quick call to our vet to make a plan. She hates the vet, and a trip there is stressful for her so we don’t go if we can manage to treat her at home. The vet’s nurse, who knows Layla well, gave me some instructions to keep it clean, send a photo over of the wound so we could monitor if it got infected and that if she licked it or was irritated by it she might need…. A CONE OF SHAME to stop her getting to it.

Layla hates ticks but she hates the cone of shame even more so my job was to stop her needing that.

Hence the Hibbiscrub.

Used three times a day for three days to keep the tick bite wound clean and prevent infection.

Also, oral medication to ease the allergic reaction she has to tick bites. This makes her very dopey and sleepy.

Thankfully these worked and her ear healed nicely and she avoided a trip to the vet and the cone of shame.

She didn’t like having her ear cleaned much and she’s not keen on the allergy medications but the scratches on my hand and being sworn at in cat language are something I’m used to, in her almost 13 years of life, and caring for her, and worth it.

She’s back to her normal, usually grumpy self now. Let’s hope we can avoid any more ticks.


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