Meal Plan Monday – safe not boring

Meal Plan Monday is back and this week I am meal planning around my mantra that we can eat food that is safe not boring as we deal with the process of our teenager also having an issue with gluten. (If you follow us you know that the husband can’t eat gluten or cows milk […]


A little festive giveaway

Christmas is coming and we have a lovely festive giveaway for our readings, in collaboration with a group of other lovely bloggers. It’s not hard to enter and all the details are below. If we could enter ourselves we would. A lovely hamper full of amazing goodies from Lush. One of my favourite places to […]


Keeping kids organised in the car

*This is a collaborative post with Dreambaby sharing how keeping kids organised in the car isn’t as hard as you think* Travelling with kids or being in the car with kids can be fun but also hard work. It can take planning and thinking ahead of time to make sure the kids are happy and […]


September 2021 – Stuff we loved

Welcome to September 2021’s Stuff we loved. Sharing things we have liked and love that we think our readers will like too. Because of #secondhandseptember I haven’t done that much shopping other than school uniform necessities and homeschool supplies, but we have been sent a few things and there are some snacks and treats we […]


The cold that wasn’t Covid 

Last weekend I was relatively convinced that Covid, the current Delta variant, had finally found us. Or at least, found the teen. This week has been fun. She came home from school on the Friday evening of last weekend with a slightly bunged up nose. She felt fine. I thought nothing much of it, she’s been […]


A Guide to Functional Medicine and How it Can Help

Functional medicine at its core is when health conditions are treated by finding the root cause, rather than diagnosing and treating symptoms. Functional medicine still incorporates conventional medicine when it’s needed, but the idea is to treat the underlying cause of health problems. Often functional medicine is mistaken for natural or homeopathic treatment, but it’s […]


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