My version of Drug eggs or Mayak eggs

The title of this post sounds, as my kids would say “well dodgy” but it’s not what it sounds and is in fact a recipe for Drug Eggs or Mayak Eggs. What are Mayak Eggs? Why are they called Drug Eggs? They are a Korean dish, of marinated eggs, which are so delicious they are […]


10 ways to manage imposter syndrome

I have shared about my own struggles a little bit around Imposter Syndrome. This article by By Ian Child, author of ‘Your Own Personal Time Machine’ is really helpful and useful, and I hope it’s helpful if you are struggling or know someone who is. Imposter Syndrome is a persistent inability to believe that your […]


Is It Safe to Give Raw Food to Your Cat? 

This is a collaborative post sharing about the benefits and risks of raw food and if it is safe to give raw food to your cat. There are so many different options available today when it comes to feeding cats. From traditional kibble and canned food to homemade meals and even raw diets, pet owners […]


Easy gluten-free garlic bread

Garlic bread is a huge favourite and staple in our house and because we deal with coeliac disease and a gluten intolerance we make this easy gluten-free garlic bread which, frankly is better than you’d get in a restaurant. Not all gluten-free bread is the same and some brands make better products than others. After […]


Looking after me & feeling well again.

This is a collaborative post with Clinic Nutrition, who kindly asked me to review their supplements as I move into the next stage of life and work on feeling well and work on boosting my immune system and general health. I have shared a little bit on my social media about hitting “that” stage in […]


Mother’s Day 2023 Giveaway & Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and I am delighted to be collaborating with a host of other lovely bloggers to share a wonderful giveaway and gift guide for our readers far and wide. Mums are definitely special and we should be celebrated and what better way than with some lovely items to treat yourself […]


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