Jasper the Cat, by Big Girl

Last week was long, and quite stressful, I have struggled to keep up with the blog, as well as everything else. Big Girl offered to write all about Jasper, the Cat, as it was his 2nd birthday this weekend, so I took her up on it. She dictated, I typed, she then edits! She’s quite […]


Get Fit Mummy – Not a good week.

I must apologise for  being slack on the Get Fit Mummy front, this week has been a bit crazy. LSH has been very unwell, with what is now a chest infection, and I have been trying to keep life running, look after the children, and also be up with him at night, when he was […]


Our week in photos

This week has been fairly awful, to be honest. Small Boy caught the horrible cold lurgy that has been doing the rounds, and by Friday was not a well concoctation of atoms, as I have read quoted somewhere, and didn’t really start to recover until Sunday. LSH’s work pretty much took over our weekend, ruined our date night, and […]


The A-Z of me!

So, the lovely Sophie, from Franglaise Mummy (I love her blog, go check it out) has tagged me in a post called The A-Z of me. I thought I might give it a whirl, and see if I could come up with some fun or interesting things about me, from A-Z. A – ants I […]


My new wheels….

So, I have blogged before, that I don’t drive. Whilst there is a possibility that I may finally admit I need to pass my test and get behind four wheels, possibly sometime in the next year, in the meantime I am stuck for transport. I am fed up of waiting endlessly for buses, and paying for public […]


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