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Getting over a fear of spiders.

I was terrified of spiders, big ones, small ones, hairy ones, I did not like them. I would freak out if I knew one was in a room, and the thought of them made me anxious and sweaty. I think my fear stems from a small spider falling on my face, from a wall, when […]


LSH thinks I am having a midlife crisis….

Because I want to get these pink boots and my nose pierced for my 37th birthday in June this year….?   I call it returning to the sightly misspent days of my youth…. 😉 I’m linking this post up with Verily Victoria Vocalises for her Post, Comment, Love series. Click on the linky to join in!


Magic Moments – Snowflakes

(photo source – Huffington Post) I’m linking up with Jaime from The Oliver’s Mad House, for her Monday Magic Moments. She has a lovely blog, and this is going to be a fun and interesting linky. Why don’t you join in? You can find more on the linky on her blog or click on the button below. […]


So, do we have an answer….?

Or at least we hope, we have worked out why Small Boy may not be sleeping so well. I am kicking myself, and feel very guilty, that I should have worked it out sooner, but now we know, and hopefully we can work our way to a solution. At Christmas time, Small Boy got flu, […]


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