Saturday is Sat Cap Day

Meet Ted, the rather gorgeous puppy who belongs to Big Girl’s best friend from school. He decided I was a new friend, this week! I am not a dog person, really, but I could be persuaded to try and pop him in my bag and sneak him home. What can you caption for this photo…? […]


School’s out and I am relieved!

So, Big Girl has finished school for the year, and we have six long weeks of school holidays ahead of us, and I am actually glad. I have seen a lot of Twitter, Facebook and blog posts with tinges of dread at the stretch ahead for most parents of young children, and how we are […]


Wordless Wednesday

This is what we call friendly, in our house, Layla is not overly fond of Jasper, but after a year and a half, they have learned to tolerate each other. Shortly after this scene of convivial kitty napping in the sunshine was captured, Small Boy got in there with the hose, and two disgruntled and […]


Well, that’s torn it then….?

Sorry, I realise that the title of this post is probably a little humourless, give that I am blogging about a foot injury. Last week, I rather stupidly, tripped down the last two stairs, on our staircase, at home. I went right over on my ankle, on my right foot, felt it “pop” and then […]


So, LSH is a little neglected…

Today, I am sharing about our marriage, and some issues that I think all marriages face, especially when there are young children in the mix. I think it is normal for husbands and Dad’s to feel a bit neglected. I have shared our experience and some thoughts over at Wriggly Rascals, where you can find […]


Easy gluten free sausage casserole

 This casserole can be cooked from frozen in a slow cooker, or on low in a casserole dish in the oven. Frozen sausages (I use Farmer’s Choice Gluten free pork sausages, they are really nice, and keep their shape well when cooked in a casserole) 800mls of good stock (or whatever you have to hand, […]


Delicious and rich chocolate orange cake

This is an easy but incredibly delicious chocolate orange cake that will impress everyone, who doesn’t love a chocolate cake with hint of orange? It’s simple to make and can be iced or simply served dusted with coco powder or icing sugar. It never lasts long when I make it.  You will need: 250 g […]


Saturday is Caption Day –

So, the lovely Mummy Never Sleeps is hosting the Sat Cap this week, whilst Mammasaurus is busy and way. Link up, or click on the linky below for more on what Sat Cap is… This is my effort. I bet someone can make something funny out of it. I am off to rest my poorly […]


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