Magic Moments – My old watch

My Magic Moment this week is a bit random. I was actually a bit stumped for a post, and was almost tempted to miss it, as I had nothing to share but then I had a little moment on Saturday, and thought I’d blog about it. I have an old, old watch. A Swatch Watch, […]


The blog post where I talk about sleep, AGAIN!

Unrelated but annoyed looking cat. Sums up how we feel about sleep… Oh look, she’s blogging about sleep, or lack of it, again, I hear you mutter. Yes, I am going to talk about sleep, and probably sound a bit whiney, but this is more of an update post, than anything else. We recently discovered that […]


Happy Birthday Small Boy!

This time three years ago, labour was starting. You were on your way. 5 days late, and your birth had some highs and lows, with the fear of meconium aspiration, and that you were in distress. You entered the world as you meant to go on, letting your presence be known, with a little drama […]


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