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Merry Christmas…

No, I have not lost the plot (well, I probably have, but lets pretend I haven’t)

It is mid July, it is HOT, here in the UK, and we are in fact, mid a heatwave. The children have not finished school for the summer (well, my kids haven’t, some children are barely on holiday) it’s summer time, people are thinking about their summer holidays, and what they will do with their children in the next six weeks, some may be super organised and be sorting out school uniform and supplies for September, but I highly doubt that Christmas is what most people are thinking about as we sweat and swelter away.

But, apparently we should be thinking about it, according to the e-mail I received today, from very well known company, telling me that they had some Christmas cards that I might want to look at, so I was “ready and prepared” for the season when it approached. I was slightly astounded, to say the least. I haven’t even thought about what meals I will feed my family next week, nor planned things for when my in-laws arrive in a couple of weeks time, much less thought about the end of the school holidays, yet apparently, I should be thinking about Christmas. Its FIVE months away, and I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to see “countdown to Christmas clocks” on Facebook, I don’t want to see adverts for Christmas Savings clubs on TV, and I certainly don’t want to be buying Christmas cards in July!

Really?? Have people gone mad? It’s bad enough that as soon as the children go back to school, Halloween starts to be rammed down our throats, with Christmas shortly  behind it, and we have 3 months of decorations, food, and materialistic adverts rammed at us, to remind us of the impending festivities, but do I really need to hear about it in July? I love Christmas, but only when it is actually Christmas time, not when I am sweltering in the garden, as my children splash in the paddling pool. I don’t live in a country that is hot in December, that would be the only reason I would be contemplating my Christmas cards in this heat!

Bah humbug, I say! Jasper agrees with me…Friday Rant

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  1. I love Christmas. I really do. But I’m happy to start thinking about it at the beginning of November. That’s organised enough for me. I mean, has this marketing person forgotten about Halloween? Surely that comes first and we should be thinking about that and making spooky decorations. We’ve only got 3 months! *slaps head* (popped over from Ranty Friday)

    • I have seen a few of those. I am too lowly a blogger to be invited, but I don’t think I would be able to go, if I ever was! 🙂

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