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Dear Lovelorn and Heartbroken of Ham…

I am sorry, that your relationship has broken up, or that the person who was in a relationship with you, is trying to break off your relationship. I have had my own heart broken, when I was younger, and not married to LSH, and I do remember the pain and anguish. However, I am NOT sure I appreciate you sitting outside my house, on the wall, at 11:30pm at night, sobbing and wailing into your phone (I suspect you were a teeny bit drunk, so maybe you wouldn’t have been quite so vocal or undignified about the process if you were sober, at least I hope so) and basically sharing with the whole street, who were all probably trying to go to sleep that “But I loooooove you, you’re my souuuulmate, please don’t dump meeeee!” over and over, loudly, and for 25 minutes. At first, I felt sorry for you, and didn’t want to interfere, but after you had woken up my sleeping 3-year-old, with your drama I wasn’t feeling so tender towards you and your lost love.  I am not hard-hearted, I am not mean, but REALLY? Perhaps you didn’t want to go home and wake up your family or housemates, with your love life issues, and the noise you were making, but it’s ok to sit outside my house, howling and crying down the phone? By the way, this person was not some young teenager, they were at least in their late 20’s if not older. I would have had some sympathy for a teenager, life is dramatic and horrible when you are a teen and lovelorn, but once you get past adolescence and are old enough to know better, my sympathies wane and you need to keep it to yourself.

Dear Couple having a relationship crisis… I understand, being in a relationship is hard work, it takes compromise, working together, forgiveness, and love. I do get that, but do you have to play out the breaking down of your relationship, in full detail, outside our house, at (wait for it) 1am in the morning, with shouting, recriminations, accusations, a phone call to a friend for evidence (they must be a very good friend to take calls at 1am, more fool them) and then to decide you are so angry with each other, you start throwing our rubbish bins (which were out for the collection at 6am the next day) around and at each other? Seriously? Then you get all stroppy when I poke my head out of the window and tell you to pack it in, or I am calling the police?

Before you ask, I live in a reasonably nice street, with few issues (well, there’s a dodgy family on the end of our road, but for once, neither of these incidents were them) it just seems like people think it’s ok to make noise, disturb the peace, and generally share their relationship woes with the rest of a trying to sleep street. Maybe I am wrong, but I would like to think I had a shred of dignity and some self-respect for others, that I would at least keep my failed romantic life to myself, and manage to not annoy people in a street, at a ridiculous hour of the morning. I don’t know if the summer weather has suddenly made people feel its ok to be noisy and rowdy, in residential streets late at night, but it’s annoying, and having had two nights disturbed this week, I am grumpy about it.

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  1. Funny we both ranted in letters for Ranty Friday. Couldn’t agree more to your post about people disturbing the peace at night. Drives me bonkers, although I’m sure I probably did it a little bit when I was younger. I try and remember that but it doesn’t always work.

  2. Hard to be sympathetic when there’s a little one sleeping, isn’t it? Sounds like you’ve had a run of bad luck. We have lovely neighbours who went to the trouble of warning us they were having a Summer party in their garden this year, to celebrate the husband’s retirement, and there might be A LITTLE BIT of noise. I accepted this – until midnight when they started letting fireworks off!!! Sometimes people are just so fecking thoughtless

  3. its not just lovelorn in the street. It’s also people on trains that think we giving a flying stuff about the ins and outs of their lives. They forget we can hear every sodding word.


  4. Wow, you actually sound much more sympathetic that me!!! I would have been fuming had my daughter been woken up – why are people so inconsiderate?!

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