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I love promoting and sharing local businesses, especially those that are useful for families & parents. This is a fantastic website.  This post is a little bit about their  website and what they do. They are called Absolute Days Out and they are working hard  to become the most comprehensive days out guide available – giving you great suggestions for things to do.  This is not just a website for parents though, having had a browse, myself, I have found lots of things that I would like to go and visit, whenever I happen to have a spare day to myself and it’s going to be a very handy directory of things to do, both locally and further afield. They really do have something for everyone.

Days Out

Where will you go?

Most of us will have been there at one time or another, looking for ideas for things to do at the weekend, or whilst on holiday. Clicking through various websites, trying to piece information together. Now, Teddington based company, Absolute Days Out, believe they have all the answers.

Launched 1st June 2014, the days out guide describes itself as ‘working hard to become the most comprehensive days out guide available – giving you great suggestions for things to do’.

Founder, Gary Newbury explains how the business first started’ “I’ve never really been very spontaneous, and always like to plan ahead, especially for holidays and days out. This site kind of started by accident, as over a period of time I’d pulled together various folders of where to go and things to do, From there it just started to grow. I found it really useful, so thought I’d share what I’ve discovered.

It always baffled me that some of the established sites aren’t particularly user-friendly. Creating the site felt like a great opportunity to just do it much better.

It’s taken nearly two years to create the content and develop the website. In the process, we have been researching, to compile the best recommendations. This has resulted in many amazing days out – plus a number of disastrous experiences too. Naturally, we’ve only included the better days on the site!

The plan was to make this all inclusive, providing something for everyone”. Initial feedback has been really positive. People have been saying that “it’s great to discover a site with such a range of activities.”

As a father of three young boys, he’s clearly had his hands full, visiting so many places. One of his main challenges has been trying to keep the children out of all the photos being taken for the website – although they appear to have got in a few. 

I think I like this website most, because they have visited the places in the directory, done research into each day out or place, and shared only places that they really think are great to go and visit. Sometimes it’s hard to get a really comprehensive and honest opinion on a place, and when you are going to spend money, or travel any distance to visit somewhere it is nice to know it has been tried and tested and honestly reviewed or recommended.

You can discover more at www.absolutedaysout.com

Email: hello@absolutedaysout.com

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter  too

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