Easy, delicious and NOT for kids. Pimm’s Ice Lollies

I know there are lots of recipes for Pimm’s Ice lollies out there, but this is my tried and tested, tweaked a few times one. This post does contain an Amazon affiliate link that earns me revenue if you click and make a purchase. Links will be marked with *

Pimm’s is one of my favourite alcoholic drinks, other than a nice glass of cold white wine, or a well-made gin & tonic. It’s a very British drink usually served in lemonade with slices of fruit, mint, and ice. 

This recipe makes 6 medium-sized lollies and I use these ice lollie moulds * that freeze and wash well too. 

You need 

A bottle of normal fizzy lemonade. I find the real sugar lemonades work better, than diet ones. 400ml of lemonade is needed for this recipe

200 mls of Pimms. I used the normal, No 1 version. You can experiment with other flavours too

6-8 ripe strawberries

a dozen raspberries or blackberries (or you can use small pieces of orange or other fruits)

a handful of fresh  mint, roughly chopped

Mix the Pimms with the lemonade, and leave to stand

pop a few strawberries/raspberries (or other fruit) in the ice lolly holders and add the mint. I find you can fill the holders quite full, and it makes for a nicer lolly, with fruit mixed evenly throughout.

Pour the Pimms mix, into the holders. Depending on what type you have, you may have to leave a space at the top, to put the stick holder in, or fill to the top.

Plop the sticks in

Freeze upright for 4-6 hours. When frozen, to ease the lolly out, run it under a warm water tap for 30 seconds.

Enjoy, preferably whilst in a paddling pool, in the shade, when you have five minutes of peace and quiet…

Pimms Ice Lollies


Pimm’s Ice Lollies anyone?

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  1. I can’t believe I have never thought of pimms lollies – great idea. I also have those rocket moulds! Definitely making them when we have friends over next!

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