Not sleeping well? It might be your mattress?

*we were very kindly sent a Dormeo mattress to try out. All words and opinions are my own*

I’ve written many posts on sleep, on this blog, as you will know, if you are a regular reader here. Sleep and getting what we term a reasonable amount of it, has been an ongoing issue for a while. Trying to help Little Man get into better sleep habits and deal with my chronic insomnia have not been easy.

When you read all the things sleep experts say, about getting the right amount of sleep, how to make your sleep environment perfect or at least as sleep inducing as possible one thing is always mentioned…

The bed you sleep in, mattress type, size of bed, covers, blankets, sleeping alone or with someone, those things can make a huge difference to how well you sleep and how well rested you feel when you wake up.

Here’s where I confess that we have been very lazy about our sleep arrangements and that our mattress was at least 12 years old! I can hear the “oh yuck” responses coming in fast! I do know how many dustmites and millions of colonies of bacteria have been lurking in what we slept on, I have just been in denial. I have never actually bought a mattress as an adult, so choosing a new one was a new thing for me. We have bought mattresses for the children, and for our spare single bed, but never for our own bed. It was definitely time for a change.
It was old, and a bit (ok a lot) saggy, it was creaky, and it’s bounce had gone. It came with our house, and we have never done anything about changing it.  It was the mattress that I slept on whilst pregnant with both my babies and also where I have spent many a night cuddling them to sleep. LSH used to joke that my side of the bed had a “pit” in it, where it had been so well used. As old as it was, and as much as I knew we needed a new one, it just wasn’t on my list of important things. Stupid, really, because I’m sure it didn’t help me with my own sleep issues, having an ancient and on it’s last legs mattress. We spend a lot of time sleeping, is humans, it does make sense to sleep in comfort but we often neglect that bit of our lives.

So, the arrival of a Dormeo memory foam mattress in our house was, as you can imagine a BIG event.
I was slightly skeptical, as to how comfortable it would be, and I have never slept on memory foam before.

Memory foam mattresses can be rolled up quite thinly to be packaged for dispatch to their new homes but it caused much excitement when we opened it and unrolled it into our bed base. It expanded and “grew” and filled out, much to the children’s amazement (and mine too!)

Our old mattress was a traditional spring/coil affair. This new mattress has been a bit of a revelation for us.

It’s much thinner than our old one, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t comfortable. It actually seems to have more “give” and bounces back, as you can see in the video I made.

Memory foam is clever stuff and our mattress is also breathable, anti bacterial and hypoallergenic. Both good things, to think about when choosing a mattress, when you consider how  much time people spend in bed, and what people do in their beds 😉 It is also ideal if you suffer from aches and pains, joint conditions like arthritis, or back problems, as it’s much more supportive than a traditional mattress.


The mattress, despite being thinner than a traditional mattress and less bouncy (my children are NOT allowed to jump on the beds, technically, but they still try occasionally, and they won’t like this one, which is a good thing!) is incredibly comfortable. It’s firm, but not too firm, and the memory foam technology really does mean you get a better nights sleep. It distributes weight more evenly and when you move around it adjusts to your body. No more rolling into a dent in the mattress for me at night. I was also very impressed with the 15 year warranty each mattress is covered by, and how much research has gone into the making of the products.

As you can see, even if she’s not allowed to jump on it, she does approve of it….


The most important question you ask, though is how are we sleeping on our new mattress? I can cheerfully say “very well thank you”. I was definitely waking up feeling a bit achy and stiff on our old mattress and this seems to have gone, with our new one, and it’s much more comfortable, and feels great to climb into. LSH says he feels like he is sleeping better and is more comfortable, too.  It’s made a huge difference to our sleep and we are very happy we ditched our old mattress to try something new. Now, if there was a cure for snoring cats and husbands, then I really would be in sleep heaven….

*we were very kindly sent a Dormeo mattress to try out. All words and opions are my own*

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