Summer Holiday Bucket List (guest post)

 This is a great guest post on things to do in the long summer holiday from Karen over at BubbaBabble  you can also find her on Twitter and Facebook too… 


Our Summer Holiday Bucket List

We are fairly new to the whole Summer Holiday fun as it’s the first year that my daughter has been attending school and the first time that she can really grasp what it’s all about. Next year school starts in earnest for her and I’m sure by next summer she will really need the break and be raring to go for a new school year come September, so this year we decided to put together our Summer Bucket List.

On it we’ve included small achievements and large – everything from baking cakes and having a pj day to going to the Zoo or Legoland. It’s not always easy to juggle time, money, availability and her expectations but we hope to strike off many of the things we’ve added.

You don’t really have to be too specific and when I tentatively asked around other mums it is very half and half on whether people plan things or just wing it. So if you are a winger then here are a few ideas:

Why not create something in the garden (or window box if no garden is around or even just a pot indoors)? It can be a simple fairy or dinosaur garden where you plant succulents or pretty plants and add a few accessories. It’s amazing how much time and care children take when you engage their imagination. It’s also an ever evolving thing; it can be changed and added to as the whim takes you.

Bucket List2

Get out to a local park or play area – it costs nothing and we’ve been known to go in the rain (perhaps not staying as long as normal but it’s still an adventure). It’s hard to keep costs low in holidays but this helps children of all ages to get off technology and connect with the world – older children could be coerced into walking a neighbour’s dog (there are websites that connect you with people who need their pooch taken out) or turn it into a sporting activity and all have a jog or kick a ball about.

Or find pebbles on the beach and with felt pens draw funny faces on them or numbers and create a whole new playing experience (with a cheeky bit of learning involved too). These can also make a great memento of a fabulous day at the beach and we have them dotted around our house which makes me smile whenever I pass one.

Bucket List 1

Cooking is always a fun activity and my daughter has found a love of making pastry just recently, she would make it every day (and sometimes does) so we try and find things to cook together or if we are going shopping I make her get involved and find the items we need and we talk about how we can cook them. If I’m really losing her concentration I have even been known to race her to the correct isle to locate what we need.

One thing we are going to do is get our homework out the way early and be able to spend more time relaxing and enjoying ourselves. I’m all for a child engaging their brain but it becomes less about family and fun if you are constantly nagging or trying to coerce whilst they want to play. Holidays are for kicking back and taking some time out to enjoy the quiet which is exactly what we are hoping to do.


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